How High Should I Mount My Wall-Mounted Ductless AC?

If you’ve decided to install a ductless HVAC system, one important consideration is the location of your indoor air handlers. One of the most common placements is on the wall. There are many benefits to mounting ductless cassettes on the wall versus other types of installations, like improved air flow. Did you know that how high the cassette is placed on your wall matters? Learn more below.

Why Placement Is So Important 

Most people switch to ductless heating and cooling because of the many benefits that ductless HVAC systems offer. Naturally, you want to maximize your investment. If your indoor cassette is too high or too low on the wall, this could cause problems with airflow. For example, if the unit is too low, you may not get as much cooling power when heat rises in the summer. If your unit is tucked way back into a corner, cool air will stay concentrated in that one area. The ceiling can also impede airflow when units are too high up on the wall and can make it difficult for the indoor cassettes to be serviced or cleaned.

Although ductless air conditioning requires far less maintenance than central HVAC or window air conditioners, they aren’t entirely maintenance-free. You’ll need to clean your filters and have your system deep cleaned periodically, and you will likely need repairs at some point during the life of the system. If your indoor air handlers are difficult to get to, cleaning and maintenance becomes more challenging.

Relocating a mini split after it has been installed is costly and time-consuming. You should work with an experienced HVAC contractor to ensure the placement is right the first time.

Where to Put Your Wall-Mounted Ductless AC 

Wall-mounted ductless AC cassettes should be placed approximately 4” to 8” from the ceiling, or about two-thirds of the way up the wall. At minimum, a cassette should be no less than 6’ from the floor. The closest you can place a ductless cassette to the cieling is just over an inch, or 30 millimeters. You should have at least ~2” of space on each side of the unit, or 50 millimeters. However, the space requirements for each mini split depends on the type of unit, its manufacturer, and other factors.

A good rule of thumb is to find the middle of the wall you want to place your indoor unit on. Measure both vertically and horizontally. Then, find the center of the top half of the wall. This is usually a good place for your unit. The vents on a ductless cassette are angled outward so the warm or cool air is not being forced straight down the wall.

Above the headboard in your bedroom is also an ideal place to install a cassette, but your ductless HVAC technician will help you find the optimal cassette placement for your home’s layout and comfort needs.

Other Tips For a Successful Ductless Installation  

Make sure the location of your unit can support its weight.

Although ductless cassettes are fairly lightweight at around 40 lbs., it’s still important to make sure you are placing the unit on a wall that can support its weight. Walls that don’t have studs are less than ideal even with the lightest cassette. 

Choose a spot without temperature fluctuations.

If possible, have the indoor units installed away from windows and doors that can cause temperature fluctuations. The thermostat on each unit uses the temperature of the air around it to determine whether to cycle on or off.

If the temperature around the unit shifts frequently or runs hotter or cooler than the rest of your home, the unit may run too little or too much. This also runs up your electricity bill, because you’re often using more heating or cooling power than you actually need.

Place the unit away from devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

Devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) may interfere with the operation of your ductless unit. You should install indoor cassettes at least 1 meter away from devices like your microwave, Bluetooth devices, computer systems, and other devices with a WiFi connection. 

Learn More About Ductless Air Conditioning By Calling N.E.T.R., Inc.  

Ductless air conditioning can help lower your energy bills and increase your home comfort, but you need to make sure your units are placed properly during installation. It’s important to work with an experienced Boston HVAC contractor who can help you determine the optimal layout for your new ductless heating and cooling system. To learn more about ductless HVAC installation or to schedule a home visit to get a quote, contact our office by dialing (781) 933-6387.

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