Mass Save Rebates for 2023 (Video)

In this video, we talk about the Mass Save Rebates for 2023. This program updates its refunds every year, and when you work with N.E.T.R., Inc, we help you apply for all relevant refunds.

Hi, I’m Brett Rogenski, General Manager with N.E.T.R. Incorporated. I’m here today to talk to you about 2023 Mass Save rebates.

Whole Home Rebate

The first level of rebate is the whole home rebate. That is a $10,000 rebate for eliminating all the fossil fuel heat source from your home and moving to clean green electric heating for your home. So that’s a $10,000 rebate from Mass Save to the homeowner.

Partial Home Rebate

The second level of rebates is a partial home rebate. Partial home rebates involve removing most of the fossil fuel heating from your home, but still having that there as a backup or as supplemental heat. Those are rebated at $1,250 per ton, plus $500 per heating unit. So a three ton system with three heating heads on it would rebate $5,250 to the homeowner.

Heat Loan Program

The last exciting part about Mass Save is the heat loan program. In the past, the heat loan program had a $25,000 maximum loan at 84 months for 0% interest. In 2023, that has been raised to a $50,000 loan at zero interest for 84 months. So lots of great reasons to explore more and learn about Mass Save rebates and heat loans.