Factors Affecting the Cost of Ductless in 2023 (Video)

In this video, we explain the five main factors that affect the cost of your ductless system in 2023. They include the type of equipment and the company you select for the installation.

Hi, I’m Brett Rogenski, General Manager with N.E.T.R., Inc. I’m here today to speak to you about the different factors that can influence the cost of a ductless installation.

Type of Unit

So, the first one is the type of unit. Is it a cold climate heat pump, hyper heat? Is it a standard climate heat pump, meaning it only works to a warmer temperature? Or is it a cooling only heat pump? All three of those come with different features that have different investment types.

Size of Condenser

The second item is the size of the actual condenser, the size of the outdoor unit, how many BTUs it’s capable of handling. Larger units require more equipment, and they are more expensive.

Number of Indoor Units

The third thing is how many indoor units are being served by the condenser? More indoor units require more infrastructure. Again, those affect the cost of the investment.

The Installer

The next thing is the type of company you choose to work with. Are you working with a low cost, low overhead provider, or are you working with someone that has a full installation team, service team, and will be there for you in the future?

Complexity of the Installation

The last item that affects the cost of installation is the complexity of the installation. Some homes require very simple installations with minimal wiring and piping. Others require much more complex installations with much more labor, wire and piping involved. So, the less complex the installation, the less cost that’s associated with that.