Mini Split Installation Cost: A Guide for Homeowners

The cost of ductless systems includes equipment and installation. The equipment costs vary based on capacity, features, and other factors, but installation costs can also vary depending on your unique situation. Here is what you need to consider.

Mini Split Installation Cost

1. Accessibility

If an installer can park in your driveway and easily set up the compressor in your yard, then, all they need to do is come inside and install the indoor air handling units. In contrast, if the installer can’t easily access your home, they will spend more time and effort during the installation process. This increases the cost.

2. Compressor Installation

The mini split compressor must be installed outside of your home. If you have a concrete pad ready to go, installation is relatively fast and easy. However, if you need to pour a concrete pad or if the installer has to put the equipment on the roof or the side of your home, that drives up the cost.

3. Carpentry Work

Carpentry work can also increase the cost of your mini split. If you opt for a wall or floor-mounted unit, the installer attaches the units to the wall in the same way that you would mount a TV or kitchen cabinet. Then, they make a very small hole in your wall so they can run conduit from the indoor unit to the outdoor compressor. This doesn’t require extensive effort.

However, if you opt for a recessed ceiling-mounted unit with your mini split, the installer will need to cut a hole in the ceiling. In some cases, they may even need to make adjustments to the ceiling joists. Then, they will run the conduit through the ceiling, out the wall, and down your home to the outdoor unit. This takes more effort and thus increases the installation cost of your mini split.

4. Number of Zones

The more zones, the longer the installation will take. Putting in a single indoor unit is a lot faster than putting in multiple indoor units. The time involved increases even more if you have multiple indoor units that require carpentry work.

5. Distance Between Indoor and Outdoor Units

If you install a wall-mounted mini split on the wall closest to your outdoor condenser, the installer can easily run the lines between the two units. However, if you have multiple indoor units or if your indoor units are located far away from the outdoor compressor, the installer will have to run longer lines. This increases the time required for the installation and thus increases the cost. It also increases the cost of the materials you need. 

6. Equipment Removal

As needed, the installer will remove your existing HVAC equipment. Often, this is very straightforward. However, if the installer has to deal with asbestos mitigation or other challenges, that can increase labor costs for the installation.

7. Electrical Considerations

If you need to upgrade your electrical panel, that will also increase the price of installing a ductless mini split. In this situation, you will need to have an electrician come to your home before the ductless installation team puts in the equipment.

The company you hire can also affect costs. Don’t try to save money by installing the system yourself, purchasing online, or hiring the cheapest contractor possible. Although these options save money upfront, they often lead to issues down the line. Installation mistakes can degrade the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment, and in many cases, you reduce or void your mini split’s warranty when you take these routes.

At NETR, Inc, we have 30+ years of experience in the HVAC industry, and we have also completed extensive dealer training with both LG and Mitsubishi. This means that our clients get top-notch service and expert installation, but it also gives you access to the best warranties possible.

Both of these manufacturers provide more extensive warranties to homeowners who get their equipment installed by professionals who have completed advanced dealer training. When you contact us, we’ll tell you more about the details. We also help our clients save by connecting them with financing and rebates to help offset the cost.

Ready to get a quote on the cost of a ductless system? Then, contact us today. We’ll send a comfort consultant to your home, and they will help you figure out exactly how much mini split equipment and installation costs for your home.