The Benefits of Using a Contractor Who Provides Emergency Services (Video)

Selecting a contractor that provides 24/7 emergency services can help protect you if your HVAC equipment breaks down on the weekend, in the middle of the night, or on a holiday. Some companies offer membership plans that help you save money on emergency services.

Hi, I’m Brett Rogenski, General Manager with N.E.T.R. Incorporated. I’m here today to speak to you about the benefits of working with a contractor who offers 24/7 emergency services. Not all contractors offer their customers 24 hours, seven day a week emergency service.

The Importance of 24/7 Emergency Services

Unfortunately, failures can occur and failures can occur outside of normal business hours. So it’s important to look for a contractor who has 24 hour staff to dispatch to be able to help serve you during those late night hours, early morning hours and weekends. The second thing that they want to do is they want to have a dedicated emergency service tech on call at all times.

So every contractor who truly can serve 24/7 has someone who is scheduled to be on at those times that they’re needed. And then the last thing is that those technicians need to have access to fully stocked vehicles so they have easy access to equipment to fix that during those off hours.

Service Membership Plans

Many contractors who do offer 24/7 emergency service also offer membership programs where you pay a small fee to become a member and gain other benefits. One of the benefits is a reduced cost for emergency service, often paying for the entire yearly membership in one service call. And then the second benefit is they usually offer front of the line service, where when members come in, they actually go ahead of non-members to be serviced more immediately. So call your contractor to find out more.