The Importance of Summer Cooling System Tune-Ups and HydroKleen (Video)

This video explains why you should get a summer tune-up — efficiency and reduced risk of unexpected repairs. Then, it outlines the benefits of HydroKleen for your ductless AC.

Hi. I’m Brett Rogenski, General Manager at N.E.T.R., Incorporated. And I’m here to speak to you about the importance of summer cooling system tuneups, as well as our special hydro clean system for ductless systems.

Why Should You Schedule a Summer Tune-Up?

So why would you want to make sure to have your cooling system tuned up for summer? Well, the first reason is efficiency. Dirt, debris clog your outdoor unit and make it hard for it to essentially breathe and release all that warm air that has been collected from inside out to the outer environment.

So the first key step is cleaning that outdoor unit for efficiency. The second most important thing is that we need to check the pressures in your system and the functionality of your system to ensure there aren’t any small items that are going to become big items for you. So our coming in and testing your system early while it’s still functioning can tell us if we are going to have failures later, and we can prevent costly failures when you need them the least.

The last thing that we want to talk about is the replacement of filters. Every system has filters to keep impurities out of it. We want to replace or clean those removable filters, get fresh ones in there to increase airflow, which will help add to your comfort and the efficiency of your system.

What Is HydroKleen?

HydroKleen is a special process that N.E.T.R. uses on ductless systems. So your indoor ductless units have small fins in them to collect the heat, and move it to the outdoors. Those can become clogged over time due to the airflow with dirt, dust, pet hair, other debris in your home.

Our HydroKleen system is like a miniature pressure washer that goes in and it is used to clean those fins, remove any of those contaminants, and help it work at optimum efficiency. So you’ll get the most comfort, you’ll use the least energy doing it, and you won’t have things that you’ve heard of from other people who don’t do that, such as some bad smells in your home or that drop in comfort level. So again, it is very important that every system have a tuneup before the summer cooling season.