Colonial in Halifax Gets Mitsubishi Mini Split System

Owning a home without a central air conditioning system can make summers unpleasant for the whole family. Many Halifax, MA, homeowners use window ACs to keep their homes comfortable during the hottest months of the year, but this solution is costly and inefficient.

The owners of this colonial home in Halifax were tired of their house being uncomfortable throughout the hot summers, so they knew it was time for a change.

N.E.T.R., Inc., impressed these homeowners by ranking as the #1 Elite Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi Electric in Boston and the surrounding areas. Because of this status as a top-tier HVAC installation company, the family knew we’d be able to design a system that worked perfectly for their home.

After talking with the homeowners, our team proposed installing a Mitsubishi mini-split system with six zones of comfort. This design would give the family total control over their comfort in the summer and provide supplemental heating in the winter for the oil heat system.

The Problem: This colonial home in Halifax, MA, needed to find an air conditioning system to keep their home comfortable in the summer. Additionally, they wanted a supplemental heating solution to complement their oil heating system.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc., installed a Mitsubishi mini-split system with a heat pump to provide precise temperature control all year long. The multi-zone design gave the family pinpoint comfort in every room of the house.

The Design

The homeowners got in contact with N.E.T.R., Inc., after reading some of our five-star reviews from other customers in the area who found heating or air conditioning solutions with our company. Our Comfort Consultant met with the family and toured the home so that we could design a system that would serve this house well.

Because of the layout of the home, the team proposed a Mitsubishi mini-split AC system with two heat pumps and multiple zones of control. Each zone of the Mitsubishi heating and AC system would be controlled separately from the others, allowing the family to set the temperature in various areas of the home without straining a central system.

Outside the home, two outdoor condenser units would need to be installed. These heat pumps will provide precise heating and cooling to every room of the house.

Before the indoor air handlers could be installed, the outdoor compressor units needed to be set up. The team started by pouring a concrete pad to mount the compressors onto; this design will keep the heat pumps stabilized and off the ground for winter use. In order to keep them out of sight and within easy access, these units were installed on the right side of the home, where they would be easy to access for maintenance.

Next, the technician started setting up the first system, which would service the living room and family room. Each of these rooms would have a Mitsubishi ductless ceiling recessed EZ-Fit unit installed in them and connected to the outdoor condenser through piping instead of ductwork. The technician drilled a small hole into the ceiling above each unit to allow the piping to be snaked through the walls like electrical wiring. Then the units were mounted directly into the ceilings.

The second Mitsubishi system was set up to service the master bedroom, bathroom, and both additional bedrooms. .

Ceiling-mounted heat pumps are recessed into the ceiling and operate silently, so they’re a great solution for a room without much space on the walls for a wall or low-wall mounted unit. These Mitsubishi mini-splits will help the family keep every room in their home perfectly comfortable for years to come.

The Benefits

Because each of the mini-split AC units that were installed in this home operates separately from one another, the family is going to feel a huge improvement in their overall comfort. Additionally, this frees the family up to save even more by turning off the heating and AC in rooms that are not in use. If one of the additional bedrooms is for guests, but the family doesn’t have anyone staying with them, the room can be closed off, and the unit turned off to prevent wasting money keeping an empty space comfortable.

Another reason this upgrade was an excellent decision for this family is that it will help them save money on their monthly bills, even if they keep all the units running all year long. Because the Mitsubishi ductless cooling and heating system is extremely efficient, it will improve their energy bills over the winter by saving them big on their oil heating.

The Mitsubishi mini-split heat pump system is so efficient that the family qualified for $8,750 in rebates for installing a more energy-efficient system.

Now, the family will enjoy pinpoint control over every zone of their home, see massive savings all year long, and get quiet, reliable heating and air conditioning whenever they need it!

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