Melrose Colonial Home Gets Mitsubishi Heat Pump

This Melrose, MA, colonial home had no AC and needed a solution for heating and air conditioning. The owners of this colonial home in Melrose, MA, were getting tired of how expensive it was to keep their home heated using the gas heating system. Although the gas heat kept the house comfortable, it was costly and inefficient compared to more modern HVAC systems.

Another concern for the homeowners was that the home had no central air conditioning system and installing one would require a lot of construction to add the necessary ductwork. Hoping to find an energy-efficient solution to both problems, the owners looked into Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps.

Looking into Mitsubishi heat pumps led the owners to N.E.T.R., Inc, and the hundreds of five-star reviews from previous customers in the area. These reviews and our status as the #1 Elite Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi ductless in Boston and the surrounding regions convinced the homeowners that we would be able to build a perfect solution for their needs.

The Problem: This Melrose colonial home had a gas heating system but no central air conditioning. They wanted a simple solution for both problems and the ability to apply their Mass Save savings to the project.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc., designed a three-zone Mitsubishi ductless system with heating and air conditioning capabilities to provide year-round comfort for every room of the house.

The Design

Mitsubishi Electric ductless AC floor-mounted unit installed in a Melrose, MA, home.The homeowners had an energy audit to determine if anything in their house could be improved, and the gas heating system was the primary thing that stood out. Because the family wanted to replace their gas heat system and upgrade to something more efficient, N.E.T.R., Inc., proposed a four-zone Mitsubishi ductless mini-split system.

The Mitsubishi heat pump would be placed outside the home on a concrete pad, where it could easily supply the three indoor wall units and one low-wall unit with heated or cooled air. The entire Mitsubishi system offers both heating and AC, so the family was able to get all of their needs met with a single installation.

The Installation

Mitsubishi ductless wall-mounted unit installed in a Melrose, MA home.The first thing the team at N.E.T.R., Inc., did to start this project was to pour the concrete pad for the outdoor condenser unit. This will allows the condenser to be mounted off the ground to keep it stabilized and optimized for winter use. Additionally, the placement of the outdoor heat pump is vital because it needs to be easy to access for maintenance and repairs.

Next, the three indoor ductless wall units were installed in the rooms. To install the wall AC, the technician simply drills a small hole into the wall and runs piping through the walls to the outdoor heat pump. This piping is much easier to install than traditional ductwork and transfers the treated air more efficiently. After the piping is set up, the ductless mini-split is mounted to the wall and connected to the system.

One of the rooms received a ductless low-wall mounted unit instead of the wall units because of the angle of the roof and walls. This unit will provide the same quality of heating and cooling, but offers a larger profile unit than the wall units.

The Benefits

Mitsubishi ductless wall-mounted unit installed in a Melrose, MA home.Efficiency was what this family was after, and efficiency is what N.E.T.R., Inc., delivered! This new Mitsubishi ductless mini-split system with four zones of comfort control will make it easier than ever for the family to stay comfortable and cut back on their energy bills.

Because the house was upgraded from a gas heat system, the family applied for a rebate and received $750 to offset the installation cost. The homeowners also applied for a Mass Save loan to help get their home upgraded.

Each of the indoor ductless units is controlled separately from one another, so it will be easy to set the temperature to whatever the family desires in any room without straining the whole system. Additionally, if a room is not in use, the ductless unit in that room can simply be turned off until it’s ready to use again. This will help the family to save even more every month.

One of the features all of our customers love about the Mitsubishi Electric ductless units is that they are incredibly quiet. No longer will the family have to worry about talking over a noisy air conditioning unit in the summer; instead, they can enjoy the quiet comfort supplied by the Mitsubishi ductless system.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

Whether you’re looking to replace an outdated gas heating system or install high-quality  ductless heating and cooling system throughout your home, N.E.T.R., Inc., can help! We specialize in ductless heating and cooling installations, but we have decades of experience working with everything from 100-year-old homes needing proper temperature control to local businesses installing commercial refrigeration for grocery displays.

Whatever your heating and cooling needs may be, contact N.E.T.R., Inc., today and schedule a consultation.

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