Furnace Replacement for Colonial Home Increases Efficiency

This home in Methuen, MA, needed two furnace replacements and two condenser replacements.The quaint town of Methuen, MA, is an excellent place for a young family just starting out or a place to retire to a quiet life. Many rivers and streams surround the town, so there’s no shortage of fun things to do as a family, and the neighborhoods are peaceful and friendly.

The owners of this Colonial home in Methuen, MA, loved their home and town; however, the furnaces were beginning to give them trouble. The winters in Massachusetts are not the kind you want to spend without a working furnace, so it was time to get a replacement.

Additionally, the air conditioners needed an upgrade, so the owners decided to replace all four units in a single project. This installation would help improve the home’s overall efficiency and provide better quality heating and cooling throughout the house.

After contacting N.E.T.R., Inc., the family was confident that our team would be able to replace the two furnaces and two outdoor air conditioning units to ensure they’d keep the whole house warm and toasty this winter and cool in the summer.

The Problem: This colonial home in Methuen, MA, had two furnaces that were at the end of their life and needed replacement. Additionally, two air conditioners needed a replacement for cooling relief in the summer.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc., removed the old equipment safely and replaced each of the air conditioners with high-efficiency Lennox ACs and a set of Lennox furnaces.

The Design

Two outdoor condenser units were replaced with Lennox condensers for greater efficiency. Because of the home’s existing furnace heating system, this installation did not require any new ductwork. Instead, the comfort specialists at N.E.T.R., Inc., would simply remove the old equipment, set up the new units, and connect them to the existing ductwork.

Both of the old furnaces were 91% efficient gas furnaces, while the new Lennox furnaces would be 96% efficient furnaces.  Each new furnaces would have a Lennox AC evaporator coil to function with the outdoor condenser units as a high-efficiency air conditioner.

Outside, the two condensers were rated as 2-ton 10 SEER heat pumps. These would both need to be replaced with Lennox 2-ton 16 SEER condenser units. Upgrading these condensers will help improve the home’s energy efficiency and provide better quality heating and cooling.

The Installation

This example of the Lennox furnace replacement in the attic shows the seamless installation. Before the new equipment could be installed, the team had to remove furnaces and outdoor condensers safely. This process requires careful removal and disposal according to the EPA’s regulations. This replacement of two furnaces and two outdoor condensers took our team of comfort specialists five days to complete.

Next, the team leveled the outdoor space for the condenser units, and we installed the condenser pads. Once the pads were ready, the new Lennox 2-ton 16 SEER condenser units were installed.

One of the new Lennox furnaces and evaporators was installed in the attic and attached to the existing ductwork. The second furnace was installed in the basement. All of the gas lines and flue pipes were then connected to the furnaces, as well.

Outside, the team hooked up both the line and low voltage to the AC condensers and flushed the system thoroughly.  Once the system was clear, we connected the outdoor condenser to the indoor evaporators, and the electrical supply was attached to the furnace.

Next, it was time to check for leaks, flush the refrigerant lines, and charge the lines with R410a Refrigerant for the new system. Lastly, we started up the system and ran some preliminary tests to ensure everything was properly connected and ready to heat and cool the home.

The furnace in the basement was replaced with a Lennox furnace for better efficiency.The Benefits

This project helped the homeowners of this colonial home to enjoy the comfort of their home year-round without worrying that an outdated furnace or AC would fail unexpectedly. The new Lennox ACs are 16 SEER units, so they’ll be capable of handling even the hottest summers in Massachusetts with ease. Additionally, the family will be able to enjoy premium heating from the Lennox furnaces.

Not only will this new system help to improve the comfort in this home, but it will help to save the family on their energy bills. The increased efficiency of the new Lennox heating and cooling system will ensure the family sees savings year-round.

The family not only increased the comfort level in their home with the new heating and cooling system but added value to the house if they decide to sell.

Is it Time for a Replacement?

If you’ve been struggling to keep your home comfortable in the winter or summer, and you’re unsure why, it’s time to call N.E.T.R., Inc. We offer free consultations with our comfort specialists to help you find the perfect solution for your heating and cooling needs.

No matter what trouble you may be experiencing with your home’s heating and cooling, we’ve seen it before! Our team of experts has decades of experience replacing an outdated HVAC system, installing ductless heating and cooling, and designing hybrid systems for homes.

No matter what upgrade you need to make your home more comfortable year-round, we can help. Call today.

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