Saugus Home Adds New Ductless Zone to Home Office

Mitsubishi Electric ductless wall mounted unit installed in a home office in Saugus, MA.We were happy to get the call from the homeowners of this shingle-style farmhouse in Saugus, MA. The owners have an existing Mitsubishi ductless system installed in their basement with three zones of comfort control. They knew adding another unit to the system would be a great way to fix the temperature problems in their home office.

The home office was located on the side of the home, where its sizeable east-facing window let in a lot of natural light. This made the space open and bright but led to severe heating and cooling issues. Because of the large window, the room would get extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Another problem with keeping the room comfortable was that the room was located at the end of the ductwork for the central AC system, so the thermostat couldn’t keep up. The second floor’s thermostat had to be kept at 62 degrees just to get the home office to 72 degrees!

After trying to find a solution that would help keep their office cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, the homeowners decided to expand their existing ductless system from the basement. Because Mitsubishi ductless systems are made to be easy to expand on, adding a single unit was easy and saved the family time and money.

The Problem: The home office in this house was difficult to heat and cool because of its position in the home and the existing ducted AC system. The owners wanted to add heating and cooling to the room so that it would remain comfortable during their workdays all year.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc., installed a single MSZ-EF Mitsubishi ductless wall mounted unit in designer black to match the room’s clean, professional aesthetic and provide heating and cooling throughout the year.

The Design

This wall mounted Mitsubishi ductless AC unit is perfect for adding a ductless zone of comfort control for this family.The home office location gave the owners a beautiful view and plenty of natural light, but it came at the cost of their comfort. Large windows are often a source of heat loss in the winter, and the east-facing placement made the summers extremely hot.

Because the home already had a functioning central air conditioning system, N.E.T.R., Inc., only needed to add a single unit to the home office. The team knew that a perfect fit for the space would be the MSZ-EF Mitsubishi ductless wall mounted unit in designer black.

Additionally, the outdoor condenser unit was perfect for pumping heated and cooled air to the new unit in the office.

The Installation

The team at N.E.T.R., Inc., knew that the placement of the wall mounted ductless unit was vital to ensuring the home office stayed comfortable all year long. Thanks to the dual nature of these units that allows them to offer both heating and cooling relief, the family was able to solve both problems with this room with a single installation.

During installation, the comfort consultant mounted the ductless unit on the wall and connected it to the outdoor condenser via tubing that is snaked through the walls. The tubing allows the heated and cooled air to be moved from outside the home directly to the places the family needs it most without losing much energy.

The Benefits

Outdoor ductless mini split for heating and cooling the home office in this Saugus, MA, home!There are a lot of reasons that a ductless wall unit with heating and cooling features was the best option for this family. Not only were they already familiar with the Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems because of their basement system, but the ductless mini split is the perfect way to supplement an existing system.

Now, the family can directly control the home office temperature without messing up the comfort on the rest of the second floor. The Kumo cloud app that N.E.T.R., Inc., installed gives the owners complete control from their Smartphone, so it’s easy to get the office ready for you when you get home before you even set foot through the doorway.

Another reason this installation will help the family is that they were able to bring down their energy costs by $100 a month, thanks to switching their home off to Mitsubishi ductless!

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

Whether you need a single ductless unit installed or an entire home’s worth of heating and cooling problems, we’re happy to help! N.E.T.R., Inc., offers expert installations of all kinds of heating and air conditioning systems to give you the best control over the comfort of your home.

Learn more about our ductless mini split systems by reading our residential case studies and finding stories of homeowners just like you finding relief with N.E.T.R., Inc.,! No matter what heating or cooling solution you need, N.E.T.R., Inc., will be there to help you find the best value for your comfort!

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