South End Condo Receives Mitsubishi Ductless System

Brownstone condo in Boston’s South End gets Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pump and AC system installed.

Boston is full of beautiful brownstones that have been converted into multi-family homes or condos. These houses are an excellent solution that preserves our city’s history while giving families an affordable, comfortable option for housing.

Unfortunately, because of the age of most of the brownstones, they almost universally lack central heating and air conditioning. This brownstone condo in Boston’s South End had a baseboard heating system that kept the 700 sqft. space relatively comfortable. However, the lack of air conditioning forced the family to use window ACs during the summer to stay cool.

Window ACs are notorious for being expensive to run and inefficient at keeping a space adequately cooled. Additionally, window ACs are cumbersome and can be challenging to install or store when they are not in use. After months of expensive energy bills from running numerous window air conditioners during the summer just to remain uncomfortable, the family knew it was time for a change.

The Problem: Brownstone condo in South End needed a heating and air conditioning upgrade to keep the bedrooms and open-concept kitchen and living room comfortable all year long.

The Solution: The perfect solution for supplemental heating and AC was a three-zoned Mitsubishi ductless heat pump and air conditioning system.

The Design

Indoor air handler for Mitsubishi ductless AC system to replace window AC units in Boston home.

When the team and N.E.T.R., Inc., met with the owners of this condo, we knew that a Mitsubishi ductless AC system with a heat pump would be the perfect fit for this home.

The open concept living room was joined with the dining room and kitchen, so a single ductless AC would be enough to treat the space. Additionally, a unit would need to be installed in both bedrooms to provide heating and cooling in those spaces. Lastly, the outdoor ductless heat pump and condenser unit would be placed outside the home, where it was easy to access but wouldn’t interfere with the home’s natural curb appeal.

The Installation

Example of an indoor Mitsubishi Electric ductless AC installed in a condo in Boston.

One of the benefits of using a Mitsubishi ductless system is that the installation is easy and does not require significant reconstruction. Each wall AC unit is mounted on the wall, out of the way, where it will create the best airflow throughout the space.

Each unit only requires a small hole to be drilling into the wall behind the AC unit. The technician then runs tubing through the walls like electrical wiring to connect them to the outdoor heat pump. The tubing allows the system to transfer the air from the condenser to the indoor air handlers quickly and efficiently.

The outdoor heat pump was installed where it was easy to connect all the tubing from the three indoor units. Additionally, the condenser unit will need to be accessible for any future maintenance or repairs.

The Benefits

A Mitsubishi Electric ductless unit installed in a home in Boston for an air conditioning system with a high-quality heat pump.

Not only is the Mitsubishi ductless system one of the most efficient types of heating and air conditioning systems available on the market today, but it is also effortless to control. Each of the units operates separately from the others, so it’s easy to customize the temperature in each room, which isn’t possible with a traditional HVAC system.

The indoor air handlers are controlled with a remote, so the family can easily adjust the temperature of their room with the touch of a button. The energy-efficient design will help the family to save money on their energy bills all year long. Additionally, the family was able to qualify for a $458 rebate just for upgrading their home with a more environmentally friendly system.  

A street view of the brownstone condo in Boston’s South End that N.E.T.R., Inc., helped upgrade with a Mitsubishi ductless system.

The Mitsubishi Electric ductless system features a high-efficiency ductless heat pump that provides perfectly heated air to supplement the existing baseboard heating system in the condo. Now, the family won’t have to overpay to keep their home comfortable.

Another benefit to these incredible systems is that they operate so quietly that we’ve even installed them in recording studios! This family will never have to deal with talking over a loud, noisy window AC ever again!

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

Whether you’re planning to add a room to your home, renovating a historical brownstone, or needing to upgrade your condo, N.E.T.R., Inc., can help you get the comfort you crave from your heating and air conditioning system.

Contact us today to get a quote for your new ductless heating and air conditioning system. We’ll work with you to design the perfect solution for your space.

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