Cooling – Why Go Ductless

When it comes to customizable cooling options for your home, you need an AC system that will work efficiently to meet your cooling needs. Discover the freedom to control the temperature throughout your home while maintaining comfort in the spaces used most often.

The cooling experts at N.E.T.R., Inc. have the knowledge and tools needed to select, install, and maintain your air conditioning system. With a ductless mini-split air conditioning system, you can achieve complete temperature control, better indoor air quality, and lower energy bills.. 

What is a Ductless Mini-Split AC System?

A ductless air conditioner, which is also known as a mini-split system, incorporates two main components. The first is a cooling unit mounted to an interior wall, and the second unit is located outside of the home or business.

Refrigerant and electrical lines connect from the exterior walls to the indoor wall-mounted cooling units. Two refrigerant lines run between the two units; one line delivers electricity while the other removes condensate (water).

The outdoor unit includes an inverter-driven heat pump that cools refrigerant and sends it inside to an air handler via small lines. A wireless control unit allows you to adjust the temperature, fan speed, and more with the touch of a button.

Ductless HVAC systems offer numerous benefits. They are easy to install, operate quietly, and offer an attractive design. Ductless systems are reliable, able to heat and cool with the same system, and are controlled wirelessly. A ductless system is ideal for new additions, renovated spaces, and garage or basement rooms, and it’s an effective solution for any property that can’t accommodate ductwork.

Indoor units can be installed anywhere in the room — on the ceiling, walls, or even on the floor. Outdoor units come in a wide variety of capacities, are easy to install, and can be camouflaged — which is especially significant for maintaining the aesthetic of historic homes.

Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Mitsubishi is the worldwide leader in ductless technology and is America’s #1 selling brand of ductless air conditioning systems.

With a ductless system from Mitsubishi, you can actively cool the rooms you want to cool while dialing back energy costs in the rooms that are not in use. Plus, Mitsubishi’s inverter-driven compressors automatically adjust to changing conditions to deliver an ideal level of comfort while only using a minimal amount of energy.

You also get these benefits:

  • Cooling is up to 40% more efficient than standard systems
  • Single and multi-zone systems available to fit any room or your entire property
  • Options include more than 25 ENERGY STAR® qualified models and 9 ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient models

How Does a Ductless System Differ from Central Air Conditioning?

With a ductless system in place, the amount of cold air that enters a room can be controlled via a wireless remote. This makes it possible to maintain one room or an area of a building at a different temperature from another room or area located within the same building.

With a central air conditioning system, cooled air is distributed to every room via a system of ducts. That makes it impossible to control the amount of cool air in a single room without changing the temperature of every room in the building.

Additionally, since central air conditioning systems depend on air ducts, they carry with them the risks of poor indoor air quality. While air ducts are good at distributing cool air, they only work when they are in top condition. Damaged air ducts can allow pollutants to enter your system and be distributed through the entire home. Since ductless air conditioners do not rely on ducts to bring cool air into the home, indoor air stays clean.

With a ductless mini-split AC system, you can benefit from little to no fluctuation of temperature, and the indoor air quality will be improved overall.

Why Choose a Ductless Cooling System Over a Window AC Unit?

A window AC unit must be placed in a window, which means reduced light and the inability to use the window for fresh air. Additionally, the air conditioner must also be the proper size to fit the window opening. That means that you’ll have to also worry about how you will fill the remaining space around the air conditioner, which could result in even less visibility to the outdoors, as well as an eyesore.

Installing a window AC unit is also a security risk because there isn’t much there to hold it in the window. An intruder could easily remove it from the outside to gain access to the property. Ductless systems, on the other hand, leave all windows available for use and pose no threats to home security. Click here to see a direct comparison; Window Units vs Ductless AC 

Ductless Air Conditioner Maintenance

To keep your ductless air conditioning system running smoothly, regular maintenance must be performed by an expert who knows how to properly service the unit. Our team of experienced comfort specialists undergo extensive training to efficiently and accurately maintain the ductless units.

N.E.T.R., Inc. employs the manufacturers recommendations to ensure that your air conditioner continues to work for years to come. No job is too large or too small. We can handle ductless air conditioning systems in both residential and commercial buildings.

Ductless Mini-Split Repair Services in Boston, MA

If you’ve noticed a drop in the performance or you are not receiving any cool air at all from your ductless air conditioner, get in touch with us right away. We offer 24-hour emergency air conditioning repair so you won’t have to wait long to get your system back up and running.

Our ductless air conditioning technicians are ready to deliver top quality repair services. Call us today for professional ductless AC services in Boston, MA and the surrounding area.

Why Choose N.E.T.R., Inc. Ductless Air Conditioning Installation Experts 

N.E.T.R., Inc. is dedicated to giving our clients the fast, efficient, reliable, and affordable cooling solutions that they deserve. As the largest ductless contractor in New England with thousands of ductless system installations in the region, we are incredibly experienced and know our ductless units inside and out.

N.E.T.R., Inc. has been in business since 1989, and is a 100% compliant Mitsubishi Electric’s Elite Diamond Contractor.

When you hire N.E.T.R., Inc. for your ductless air conditioning system installation, we’ll evaluate your space to determine what type of ductless system would best serve your needs. Then, we’ll work quickly to install your new system, all while keeping an eye on the important details to ensure your satisfaction.

Increased efficiency and cost savings are easy with Boston, MA ductless air conditioning system installation, maintenance, and repair. Call N.E.T.R. Inc at 781-933-6387 to learn more.