5 Common Questions About Green Heat Pumps

A heat pump, also known as a ductless mini-split system, is a relatively new type of heating technology in the U.S. that has only been available in New England for about the last 30 years.

Green Heat Pumps

Most of Europe and Japan already use ductless heating and cooling and have for more than 50 years. These extremely efficient systems cost much less to operate than traditional central heat and air.

Here’s what to know about green heat pumps, how they work, and how to get help from an experienced Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite contractor.

1. How Do Green Heat Pumps Work?

Green heat pumps work by using electricity to take heat from one location and move it to another. They remove heat from outside in the winter and pump it into your home, doing the reverse in the summer to cool the space.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s still enough heat outside even in the bitter cold to move indoors.

There are three basic components of a ductless mini split system – the outdoor compressor, the indoor air handler, and refrigerant lines that carry coolant throughout the system. Up to five (5) indoor units can be attached to each outdoor compressor.

2. How Efficient Is Heat Pump Technology?

A heat pump only needs electricity to produce heat. It doesn’t need wood or natural gas to burn. This makes it significantly more efficient than other types of heating and cooling.

It also makes it more environmentally friendly. A heat pump produces significantly less pollution than other types of heating and air conditioning methods.

Your indoor air quality will also be better, potentially improving allergy symptoms like a runny nose or watery eyes.

Compare a heat pump to a space heater, which also only requires electricity to run. A space heater puts out a single unit of heat per unit of electricity it uses.

A ductless HVAC system, on the other hand, is able to produce three (3) units of heat per unit of electricity it uses, making a dramatic difference in the amount of energy it uses to heat the same space.

Compared to oil heat, a green heat pump will offset approximately 300 gallons of oil annually.

3. Do Heat Pumps Still Work In the Extreme Cold?

You may have heard that ductless mini splits don’t work as well in extremely cold weather. However, this is a common misconception and it would need to be well below subzero temperatures to cause heat pump failure.

The Mitsubishi Electric HyperHeat heat pump can maintain adequate heat output down to a temperature of -13 degrees Faherenheit in a relatively well-insulated home. Newer homes typically have more insulation than older, draftier New England homes.

Below this temperature, it’s unclear when a heat pump might fail. You may want to consider using a supplemental heating method to reduce the workload on your heat pump when it’s very cold outside.

4. Can I Combine Heating Methods?

Green heat pumps are a great way to add heating and cooling to your home or office without completely renovating your ductwork or installing a chimney for a wood or pellet stove.

You can easily supplement baseboard heat, central heat and air, and other types of heating and air conditioning with a ductless mini split.

While you can certainly heat and cool your home with only a heat pump, you and your HVAC system can benefit from a supplemental heat source.

If you already have heating and cooling, consider adding a ductless system without taking out your old HVAC system. This way, you can turn on your old system as a backup on very hot or cold days so your heat pump doesn’t have to work as hard.

5. Will a Green Heat Pump Work With Solar Panels?

Green heat pumps are the most energy efficient HVAC option currently on the marking, making it an excellent choice to pair with solar power.

You can use a heat pump with electricity generated by any system, whether it be traditional electricity, solar power, or from a generator.

With solar power, you gain even more energy efficiency overall. Your electric bill may be very low or even nothing at all with both solar panels and a ductless mini-split.

Learn more about solar energy compared to fossil fuels here and why you should consider making the switch.

Contact a Licensed HVAC Contractor at N.E.T.R., Inc.

Comfortable, energy efficient heating and cooling is obtainable and affordable with a ductless HVAC system. These green heat pumps offer such exceptional performance that over time, the annual energy cost savings will pay for the upfront investment of the system.

At N.E.T.R., Inc., our team of Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite contractors can answer your questions about green heat pumps. We can give you the information you need to get a quote and make an informed purchase.

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