What is a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor? (Video)

Mike Cappuccio explains what a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor is, and how to hire a contractor to install your ductless heating & cooling system. 


Hello, my name is Mike Cappuccio. I’m here today to explain to you, what is a diamond elite contractor, and why you want to have your Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling system installed by a diamond elite contractor. First off, what goes into being a diamond elite contractor? A lot of people ask that to us when we go out into a home. Well, there’s two things that are involved in that. Us, as the contractor, we’re based on two things, we’re measured on two things from Mitsubishi Electric. First being performance, second being engagement. Let me explain to you what performance means.

Us, as the diamond elite contractor, we need to be able to register X amount of outdoor condensing units online on Mitsubishi’s website. Now, what does that matter to you? Well, if we don’t register your equipment, you don’t get the 12-year additional parts warranty. A lot of people sell you the equipment and then they don’t register it, so we get measured on how many we register. We have to register over 125 of those per year to get to become a diamond elite contractor.

Next thing is, we have to look at the lead acceptance rate. That means you as the homeowner, when you go online and you fill out a request for a contractor to call you, or you pick up the phone and you call us, we have to have a way to get out to your home very fast, very quick, and be able to meet your needs. Example — you send in a request online, we want to be able to answer that within 10 to 15 minutes to you, and be able to set up an appointment, same day or next day, to come out to your home, to measure your home, see what your needs are and do what we need to do to install the system in your home.

The other part of performance is, we need to do a certain amount of training — that being sales training and service training.

Now, let’s get to the engagement side of this. Okay, we have things that we need to be engaged in with Mitsubishi Electric. For you, the home owner, all of this stuff that we’re talking about benefits you as the homeowner, and why you would want to have your system installed by a diamond elite contractor. First off, we’ve got to have a dedicated Mitsubishi Electric page on our website, where you the homeowner can go on and browse our website, see what kind of contractor we are, and know that we install Mitsubishi Electric products, and give you the best information, so you can make a valid decision for you to call us.

All right, next thing, we need to be able to come out into your home and offer you financing. We have to be registered with Mitsubishi Electric in the finance company that they use to offer you financing. Again, it benefits you as the homeowner. Next, we need to be able to be registered with their extended label warranty group that we work with. We have to be able to offer you a 12-year labor warranty on everything that you buy. We have to be registered with that to get that done.

We also have to use designed and approved software from a third-party vendor that Mitsubishi Electric uses to ensure that the system that we’re building in your home is a valid system. Well, what do I mean by a valid system? Well, does that outdoor unit that you’re installing meet the indoor units that you’re trying to install in your home? Example — are the pipe links between the indoor and outdoor unit, are they within the manufacturer’s specifications? A lot of times, the people install things, the line lengths are too long, they’re too short, the indoor units don’t match up with outdoor units, end up with warranty problems. We have design software that we use as a diamond elite contractor to ensure that that does not happen in your home.

Next thing we have to do, we do a lot of e-learning. We do online — all of our sales and service people are doing e-learning modules through Mitsubishi Electric. There are a series of e-learning modules that you need to do to maintain your diamond elite status. First ones being sales training, second ones being service training — all need to be done.

Now, also, from in the factories, when we start looking at that, the service technicians have to go to two-day residential product training. They go to an off-site factory training facility for two days, spend two days in school, and they learn how to install your Mitsubishi Electric system from the factory manufactured specifications.

Next thing is the service technician who would be coming out to your home that might be doing a repair on your home. He has to go to a residential advanced service training class for two days. All of these things that we do as a Mitsubishi diamond elite contractor are benefiting you, the homeowner, to know that you are getting the best service from the best-trained people and using all of the best tools that we have available to us, for you the homeowner to make a knowledgeable decision for who you want to install your system in your home. I hope it’s going to be N.E.T.R., Inc., with a Mitsubishi diamond contractor background, again, elite diamond contractor background. Thank you, have a nice day.

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