How to Navigate Heating Problems In Old Apartment Complexes

If you live in an old apartment complex, you may be all too familiar with the heating problems that can come along with it. From high heating bills to energy efficiency issues to maintenance and repair needs, there are a lot of potential issues that can arise.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Below, learn more about common heating problems in old apartment complexes and how switching to ductless HVAC can resolve them.

Central Heating Problems

Many old apartment complexes in Massachusetts have central heating systems that provide heat to the entire building. These systems are usually powered by natural gas, oil, or electricity and while generally reliable, they can sometimes break down or become less efficient over time.

If your apartment’s central HVAC system is old or failing, you may notice issues like hot and cold spots throughout your home or the inability to keep your home comfortable on very cold days.

Wood & Pellet Stove Problems

Some apartments have pellet or wood stoves that provide heating to each apartment and connect to a chimney. One of the most common problems with these heating sources is that they produce a lot of smoke, which can damage your lungs and cause other health issues over time.

Wood and pellet stoves can also be very messy, and the ashes from the stove can get all over your apartment and be difficult to clean up.  If you live in an apartment with a wood or pellet stove, it is important to be aware of the potential problems that can come with it and take steps to protect your health.

Space Heater Problems

Space heaters are another type of heat source that is often used in apartments because they’re inexpensive and convenient. Unfortunately, they’re also much more dangerous than other heating sources in terms of being a fire hazard.

Space heaters can catch carpet, drapes, or furniture on fire in the middle of the night, causing damage to your home or even death if you or a family member become trapped inside the blaze.

Ductless HVAC Is the Solution

Ductless mini-splits are one of the most popular HVAC systems on the market and they’re ideal for old apartment complexes and individual apartments because they’re both energy-efficient and easy to install. There are many benefits to switching to ductless heating, including but not limited to the following:

  • Lower heating bills. Ductless heaters use energy much more efficiently than traditional HVAC systems, so they don’t need as much power to keep your home comfortable. This helps trim your heating costs over time, and eventually the system will pay for itself and start saving you money.
  • Flexible placement. Ductless units can be placed in a variety of locations, including on the wall, near the floor, or in the ceiling, making them ideal for apartments with limited space.
  • Improved indoor air quality. Ductless mini splits circulate fresh air throughout your home without ducts, helping to lower the amount of dust and particulate in your indoor air. Better air quality can help reduce allergy symptoms and improve your sleep quality.

Ductless Offers Cooling Too

Mini-split heat pumps also offer cooling, which is something that space heaters and wood or pellet stoves are unable to do. If you’re using a space heater or wood stove to heat your apartment, you will also need to have a window AC or a central air conditioner to cool your home during the summer. Ductless allows you to do both with one unit, making it easier than ever to keep your home comfortable no matter the season.

What To Know Before Switching To Ductless In Your Apartment

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering a ductless system for your apartment. First, it’s important to make sure that the unit is properly sized for the space. If it’s too large or too small, your system might not work well or may even become damaged over time.

It’s also crucial to consider where the unit will be placed – usually, these need to be mounted on the interior of an outside wall, so the indoor unit can be connected to the refrigerant lines that run to the outdoor condenser.

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