North Andover Home Replaces Oil with Ductless

Colonial home in North Andover, MA, had a whole home ductless ac installation to replace an oil system. The owners of this home in North Andover, MA, loved living in North Andover. The colonial home was the perfect size for their family and offered all the space they needed. Unfortunately, the oil heating system was outdated and inefficient, and the lack of ductwork made the choice of a traditional HVAC system out of the question for their heating and cooling needs. Faced with the problem of finding an efficient cooling system without ductwork, the homeowners looked for ductless heating and cooling options near North Andover.

Their search for a solution led them to NETR, Inc. and the Mitsubishi ductless mini-split systems for heating and cooling that we have installed throughout Boston and the surrounding areas. Because of our reputation for efficient, reliable, friendly service, the owners knew that we would be able to provide their home with the solution they needed.

The Problem: This home in North Andover had an outdated oil heating system and no air conditioning. The family wanted a solution that would provide efficient heating and cooling throughout the year.

The Solution: NETR. Inc. designed a combined system for heating and cooling the entire home efficiently. And giving the family a reliable heating solution, even in the coldest conditions things to hyper heating technology.

Wall-mounted ductless mini-split AC unit in North Andover home.The Design

Because the owners of this home needed a solution that would provide both heating and cooling, the comfort specialists at NETR. Inc. knew a ductless mini-split system would be the most optimal solution. Additionally, after visiting the home, they determined that the right heat pump for the family’s needs would include Hyper Heat technology, which would allow the unit to function in extremely cold environments.

The home would need to have a combination of wall-mounted units and ceiling-mounted cassettes. Both types of air handlers would be supplied with air through the tubing snaked through the walls like electrical wiring. Additionally, the entire system would require two branch boxes, three Kumo cloud Wi-Fi devices, six wireless Kumo cloud humidity and temperature sensors, and three EcoBee Lite thermostats.

Because of the design of the home, most of the piping to the outdoor heat pump was installed inside the home. However, one pip was still installed outside the home near the heat pump and line hide was used to blend it into the side of the house.

Indoor ductless AC unit for colonial home in North Andover, MA.The Installation

Before the installation process could begin, the previous oil heating system had to be removed. Next, the Mitsubishi heat pump with hyper heating technology was installed on a concrete pad outside the home. This placement allows it to easily service all the interior units through the piping that was snaked through the walls like electrical wiring.

Inside the home, all the piping for the system was installed and hidden to provide a clean finish. And each of the indoor units was mounted accordingly.

Two wall-mounted units were installed throughout the home. One of the wall-mounted units was installed in the dining room, and a second wall-mounted unit was installed in the family room. Both ductless mini splits were mounted to provide the best airflow throughout their given rooms.

Additionally, ceiling-mounted cassettes were installed in the various bedrooms. These units are treated very similarly to the wall-mounted ductless mini-splits, except they are installed flush with the ceiling. The ceiling mounted ductless mini-splits are an excellent solution for small bedrooms because they fit into the ceiling.

The Benefits

Indoor air conditioning unit in MA colonial home.Now the family will be able to enjoy perfectly comfortable heating and cooling throughout their entire home for years to come. Additionally, these ductless mini splits with cold climate capabilities ensure that they will stay perfectly warm, even in the coldest weather.

Replacing the old heating system that was outdated and inefficient with this highly efficient Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-split system will increase the resale value of their home significantly. Not only will the family be able to enjoy the comfort that they deserve in their own home, but they’ll also have the benefit of knowing that they’ve added value to their home. That is if they ever choose to leave.

Because of all the additional features selected by the family, including the Kumo cloud capabilities and sensors, the family will be able to control the system from anywhere. The Kumo cloud capabilities allow the family to access control over each of the ductless units from their smartphone, which gives them pinpoint control, no matter where they are. Now, if the owners forget to turn up their thermostats before leaving on vacation, they can reset the system from the airport with ease.

Outdoor heat pump condenser unit for colonial home in North Andover, MA.Because the family chose to upgrade their home with NETR. Inc, our status as the #1 Elite Diamond Deale for Mitsubishi Electric ductless in Boston, Massachusetts, allows us to offer a 12-year warranty for parts and the compressor. Additionally, the family will enjoy a one-year labor warranty on the whole system.

The benefits don’t stop there. Another way this family will see an increase in their comfort is through the humidity and air filtration controls available with the Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits. Each of these units will help to improve the air quality of the home while also providing high-quality heating and cooling.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

Are you tired of dealing with a heating and cooling system that doesn’t keep your home comfortable? It’s time to get an upgrade! Give the comfort experts at NETR. Inc., a call today. We have years of experience servicing Boston and the surrounding areas and helping homeowners just like you get the comfort they deserve in their homes. Talk to us about the additional features and customizations you can get to help you make the most of your home’s comfort.

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