Oil Heat and Window ACs Replaced with New Air Handler

Colonial home in Beverly, MA, get a new air handler for heating and cooling their home all year. Cooling your home with window ACs is common in Massachusetts; however, as the summers get hotter, it gets harder to keep homes comfortable during the hottest days of the year. The owner of this colonial home in Beverly, MA, was heating the home with an oil heating system that was getting more expensive to operate with each passing year.

In the summertime, the home grew increasingly hot because of the lack of a central air conditioning system. A common solution to the lack of an AC system is to use window ACs. Unfortunately, this method of cooling the home is inefficient and expensive. Another reason the family wanted to avoid this option is that the window ACs are noisy and block up windows, taking away from the beauty of the home during the summer.

Because the owners were looking for a heating and cooling solution in a single system, they contacted N.E.T.R., Inc.,. Our team of amazing comfort consultants has years of experience creating unique solutions for heating and cooling homes all throughout Boston and the surrounding areas. Today, we’ll show you how the team helped this family find a quality heating solution and avoid troublesome window AC units with a new air handler and ductwork in the attic of their home.

The Problem: The owners of this colonial home in Beverly, MA, were using the existing oil heat to keep the house warm in the winter and window ACs during the summer. Both of these solutions left them with hot and cold spots and outrageous energy bills!

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc., installed a new Mitsubishi air handler and all the necessary ductwork for heating and cooling the entire home. This new design helps the owners enjoy the comfort of their home all year!

The Design

Air handler with ductwork installed in the attic of this Beverly, MA, home.N.E.T.R., Inc., toured the home and found that the existing oil heat system needed replacement since it was unable to keep up with the demands of heating the house in the winter. Because the family also wanted a solution that would allow them to cool the home, our team suggested installing a new Mitsubishi and ductwork in the attic.

This solution would allow the owners to heat and cool multiple rooms in the house from a single thermostat. The existing thermostat was replaced with a Honeywell T-10 thermostat with IFTTT compatibility; this design allowed N.E.T.R., Inc., to install a Kumo Cloud Station to give the owners control at the tip of their fingers. The Kumo Cloud Station enables the family to control the comfort of their home from their smartphone, giving them the ability to adjust the temperature of their home from anywhere!

Outside, a Mitsubishi outdoor unit with Hyper Heating technology was setup on the left side of the home. This heat pump allows the air handler in the attic to supply the home with heated or cooled air and features an outdoor temperature gauge to ensure the system is as precise as possible.

The Installation

This Mitsubishi heat pump with Hyper Heating will ensure the family stays comfortable every day of the year.Once the homeowners agreed on the design of the new HVAC system, N.E.T.R., Inc., got to work! The existing oil heat system was replaced, and a new 18 SEER Mitsubishi air handler was installed in the attic with new ductwork to connect it to the existing system.

Outside, the team installed the Mitsubishi heat pump unit with Hyper Heating technology to help the system keep the family warm even when temperatures reach -13 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, this Mitsubishi Electric system will transfer cooled air to the air handler in the summer, which will push it out into home to keep every room cool and comfortable.

All the lines that were run along the home to connect the air handler to the heat pump were covered with line hide to keep the home looking beautiful. Once all the piping and electrical lines were laid and the new units were installed, the team was ready to charge the system with R410a refrigerant, setup up drain pans, and test the system.

The Benefits

This Mitsubishi heating and cooling system will improve the overall comfort of the home significantly over the oil heat. Additionally, now the family will be able to enjoy perfectly cooled air in the summertime and the warmth they crave all winter.

Because this Mitsubishi Electric system is more energy efficient than the previous heating system, the family applied for a rebate and received $1875 for having an integrated control package.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

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