Wood Stove Replaced with Mitsubishi Ductless in Sherborn

This home in Sherborn replaces a wood stove with Mitsubishi Electric ductless system. Owning a beautiful farmhouse like this one in Sherborn, MA, is perfect for large families or anyone who loves to host guests from out of town because they are spacious and inviting. However, like many homes in the area, this house was built without a central AC system, so the family spent summers struggling to stay cool. Additionally, the natural gas heating system and wood-burning stove kept certain rooms of the house warm while others remained chilly on the coldest days.

The homeowners knew it was time for a change, especially as gas prices continued to rise, causing their energy bills to skyrocket each winter. After researching options, the owners found that N.E.T.R., Inc., has tons of 5-star reviews and works hard to be the #1 Elite Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems in Boston and the surrounding areas. This information was enough to tell the family that our team would be able to design the perfect system for year-round comfort.

The Problem: The owners of this farmhouse in Sherborn, MA, had a wood-burning stove and gas heat system to keep the house warm in the winter, but there was no existing cooling system. The family was tired of sweating through the summers and wanted a system to provide heating and cooling relief.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc., installed a multi-zone Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system for the family to replace the gas heat and wood stove. This new system will give the family pinpoint control over their comfort in every room!

The Design

Example of a low-wall mounted unit in family room for Mitsubishi ductless system. When the team at N.E.T.R., Inc., met with the family to tour the home, the best way to design the new heating and cooling system was apparent. Because of the home’s structure and the lack of existing ductwork, a traditional HVAC system was out of the question. Adding ductwork and air handlers to the attic would be a massive renovation project that would cost the family thousands.

Instead, the team proposed that the owners have a Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system installed with multiple zones of comfort control. The house was big enough that the ductless system would require two separate outdoor units to provide the relief the family craved.

The Mitsubishi wall-mounted ductless units would be installed in all three bedrooms, while the living room would receive a floor-mounted ductless unit. Two outdoor condensers with heating and cooling capabilities would be installed outside the home.

A wall-mounted Mitsubishi ductless MSZ-GL unit in the bedroom of this farmhouse in Sherborn, MA. The Installation

Installing a new ductless system in a home is much easier than adding ductwork to a house like this. The comfort consultants started by prepping the areas in the home that would receive a ductless unit.

In the living room, the MFZ-KJ floor-mounted Mitsubishi ductless unit was positioned near the door to provide quality temperature control throughout the room. This unit will provide around 18k of cooling and 20,996 BTUs of heating to give the family absolute control over their comfort.

The ductless unit in the living room was then connected to a 21-SEER outdoor Mitsubishi condenser with heating and cooling technology to complete the first system for the home.

In the master bedroom, a Mitsubishi ductless MSZ-GL0 wall-mounted unit was placed on the wall. This unit will offer almost 9k BTUs for cooling the room and a little over 10k BTUs for heating in the winter to keep the room at the perfect temperature all year long.

Another example of a wall-mounted Mitsubishi MSZ-GL unit in the bedroom for Mitsubishi ductless system installation. The remaining bedrooms received MSZ-GL Mitsubishi ductless wall-mounted units with 6k BTUs for cooling and 7k BTUs for heating the space. Both of these ductless units are less powerful than the one in the master bedroom, but they offer the perfect amount of control over the temperature in the room for the space.

All three of the bedroom ductless units were connected to the second outdoor condenser via tubing that is run through the walls and out down the exterior of the home. The team used line cover to hide the piping so that it wouldn’t take away from the home’s natural beauty.

The two Mitsubishi heat pumps for the ductless units are mounted on concrete pads outside the home. This placement helps to make them easy to access for comfort consultants whenever they need to get to the unit for regular maintenance.

The Benefits

Example of the MSZ-GL wall-mounted ductless unit for heating and cooling this farmhouse in Sherborn, MA. The new Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system that N.E.T.R., Inc., installed for this Sherborn, MA, the family will help keep them comfortable all year long. Additionally, the new ductless system is more energy-efficient than the gas heating system or wood stove, which will help reduce their energy costs throughout the winter.

In the summer, the homeowners will finally be able to enjoy their home without using fans or window ACs to keep their rooms comfortable. This improvement will help the family feel more comfortable in their home and add value to the house.

Additionally, the homeowners applied for a rebate for increasing their home’s energy efficiency. This rebate saved them $946 on the installation! With savings like that, the homeowners will be able to see their energy-bill savings quickly and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with these fantastic eco-friendly ductless systems.

Another amazing benefit to the Mitsubishi ductless system is that the team installed Kumo wireless remote controls, which allows the family to control the comfort level of each room. All the ductless units operate independently from a central thermostat, so the family can adjust the temperature in each room individually to provide the best comfort throughout the home.

The two outdoor Mitsubishi ductless units with cold-climate heating capabilities for multi-zone heating and cooling system. Is a Ductless System Right for You?

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing HVAC system, building a new home, or adding on to your current house, N.E.T.R., Inc., can create a custom heating and cooling system to fit your needs. Our experts have years of experience helping families like yours improve the comfort levels in their homes with ductless heating and cooling systems.

Learn more about our residential installations by reading our case studies to see how our team can create the perfect solution no matter your heating and cooling problems.

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