Ranch Home Replaces AC with Mitsubishi Electric AC

Example of an outdoor condenser unit installed outside a ranch home in Arlington for Mitsubishi Electric AC system.

The homeowners of this ranch home in Arlington, MA, were finally ready to make some changes to the house they loved. This ranch home had an existing AC system that was 25-years-old. It was still functioning, but they decided it would be best to update the home’s AC system with all the new renovations. The family also needed a heating and AC solution for the addition they were adding to the back of the house.

IMAGE #1 After a bit of research, these homeowners settled on replacing the old air conditioner with a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump that could be attached to the existing ductwork. They decided to use N.E.T.R., Inc., for this installation because of our status as the #1 Elite Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi Electric. We have decades of experience working with homeowners renovating their homes, building additions, or improving their heating and air conditioning systems.

The Problem: A family in Arlington, MA, was renovating their home and building an addition. The 25-year-old AC system was due for an update, and they wanted an energy-efficient system that would help them cut costs.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc., replaced the old AC system with a Mitsubishi Electric AC ducted system that can utilize the existing ductwork and provide supplemental heating in the winter. Additionally, we installed an integrated system to help increase the home’s efficiency and save them money.

The Design

New air handler installed inside the an Arlington, MA, home for Mitsubishi ductless AC system upgrade.

When the owners of this ranch home came to N.E.T.R., Inc., for their AC replacement, we were excited to help them improve their home with high-quality air conditioning for their addition and the rest of their home. Mike Cappuccio, the project manager and founder of N.E.T.R., Inc., took a look at the house and determined that a Mitsubishi ducted AC system and two wall-mounted units would give this family the heating and cooling they needed.

The outdoor air condenser would be installed where the old unit had been and connected into the existing ductwork through the attic. The air handler in the attic would be replaced and two wall-mounted units inside the home would provide additional heating and cooling to the office and family room.

The Installation

New air handler installed inside the an Arlington, MA, home for Mitsubishi ductless AC system upgrade.

Before Mike and his team could install the new Mitsubishi air conditioning system, the old AC system had to be removed. N.E.T.R., Inc., took care of removing the outdoor condenser, the refrigerant piping, and the air handler in the attic. The team at N.E.T.R., Inc., disposed of all of these pieces according to the EPA regulations.

After N.E.T.R., Inc., removed the old equipment, the new installation could begin. In the attic, the air handler was replaced with a Mitsubishi Electric ducted AC air handler that the team connected directly to the ductwork from the previous system.

Outside, the condenser unit was installed on a concrete slab where it would be easy to access for maintenance and repairs. This installation will also protect the condenser from debris. New refrigerant piping was installed and piped up to the attic.

Two indoor air handlers were installed in the home to improve the airflow throughout the rooms. One was mounted on the wall in the office, and we installed the other in the family room. These units and the primary AC system are controlled through an integrated system that will make it easy to keep every room in the home comfortable. Additionally, the Kumo Cloud system gives the family the ability to control their heating and AC from their smartphone!

View of the existing ductwork in this Arlington, MA, home where a Mitsubishi AC system was installed.

The Benefits

Additionally, because the Mitsubishi Electric AC system is so efficient, the family was able to qualify for a $5000 rebate from Mass Save. These savings helped to offset the cost of the new installation.

The new Mitsubishi AC system with integrated controls is a vast improvement over the 25-year-old system that was replaced. Because N.E.T.R., Inc., used a Mitsubishi condenser with Hyper-Heating technology, which provides supplemental heat to the home’s existing baseboard oil heating system, they will see savings all year long. This installation will help to reduce their energy consumption in the winter, which will save the family money.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

At N.E.T.R., Inc., we are always looking to help families improve their quality of living with high-quality heating and air conditioning systems that keep you comfortable and save you money. If you are experiencing problems with your existing AC system or struggling to cool your home with window AC units, contact us today! We’ll meet with you and design a custom air conditioning and heating system for your home that will lower your energy bills and make your home comfortable all year long.

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