7 Reasons Your Airbnb Needs a Mini Split

Airbnbs can be a great way to bring in extra income if you own an investment property, have an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or even an extra room in your home. But to achieve the level of superhost, you need to create an inviting and comfortable experience for your guests. While many elements go into the process, heating and cooling are core to the Airbnb guest experience.

Thinking about upgrading your existing HVAC system? Want to add AC, improve efficiency, or give guests their own control over the thermostat? Then, a ductless heating and cooling system may be the best option. Here’s why you should consider it for your Airbnb.

1. Comfortable heating

A lot of heating systems create inconsistent heat. Depending on the type of traditional heating you have in your Airbnb, you may experience hot and cold spots throughout your home, and/or you may have intense hot spells while the system runs followed by cold periods while it’s off.

A ductless heat pump addresses all of these issues. Ductless heat pumps feature inverter technology that makes gentle adjustments to the compressor fan’s speed to keep the temperature in the area as consistent as possible. Many units also have advanced features such as occupant sensors that control the direction of airflow in the room based on your preferences.

2. Convenient air conditioning

Many people do without air conditioning in their homes, but people want to be as comfortable as possible on vacation. If your reviews say that your Airbnb is hot and stuffy, you’ll likely lose business to the Airbnb down the street that has AC. Additionally, heat pump ACs are far superior to window ACs—they’re quieter and less visually obtrusive. Plus, they don’t disrupt your guest’s view.

3. Ideal for additions, ADUs, and other distinct areas

You don’t need a standalone investment home to create an Airbnb. This site lets you market bedrooms in your main home as well as other shared living spaces. That means you can convert your basement, home addition, room over the garage, or maybe even the “man cave” or “she shed” in the yard into a great Airbnb. A ductless heat pump is the perfect way to make these areas comfortable.

A single-zone ductless system will bring heating and cooling conveniently to parts of your home that aren’t connected to your central HVAC. These systems are also ideal for outbuildings such as sheds because they run on electricity which tends to be easier to put in than running gas or oil lines.

4. Guest control

Wherever you install a ductless heating and cooling system, your guests will get access to their own zoned controls. That works great in all of the examples listed above, but it can also be a great feature if you rent out a single room in your home through Airbnb.

If you put an air handling unit in that room, your guest will be able to adjust the temperature to their desired settings. Note that you can add an air handler that is attached to a whole home ductless system, or you can opt for a partial home installation which just adds this equipment to a single room of your home.

5. Improved profit margins

Lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprint are two of the main reasons that homeowners love mini splits so much, but as a short-term rental owner, you will love how the savings affect your profit margin.

Normally, if you get a guest who cranks up the furnace or AC, you get a higher-than-usual bill. However, ductless mini splits are extremely efficient, which keeps your bill low even if your guests use a bit of extra power.

6. Tax credits and rebates

There are all kinds of rebates and tax credits that can help offset the cost of energy-efficient heating and cooling. Note that the rebate qualifications typically vary between your primary residence and investment properties, and an experienced contractor can help you see which options you may qualify for. Additionally, depending on the specifics of your situation, you may be able to claim tax credits or business deductions.

7. Flexible set-up options

Ductless mini splits feature an outdoor condenser and one or more indoor air handling units. Before putting a system in your Airbnb or your main home, consult with an experienced dealer to talk about the best setup based on your preferences and budget, but keep in mind that there is a lot of flexibility with these systems.

For example, say that you have a small Airbnb with a main living area and two bedrooms. If you want to focus on keeping the main space cool during the hot days, you may want to put the indoor air handling unit in that room. Then, use transom openings above the bedroom doors to facilitate airflow into those areas.

However, if you have this same setup in an area that gets very hot at night, you may prefer to put the indoor air handling unit in one of the bedrooms. Then, use a ceiling fan to circulate the air through the main living area. Alternatively, if you have ample space between the ceiling and the roof, you could even put in an air handler with short ducts leading to registers in each of the three rooms.

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