If you need extra room, the space over your garage offers the perfect solution. You can easily add a finished room over garage without disrupting your home’s architecture or compromising the size of your yard. But how do you make this space comfortable?

A Mitsubishi ductless heat pump is an efficient, convenient, and comfortable way to heat and cool your room above the garage.

Why Choose Ductless for Over the Garage

If you have a central HVAC system, the room above your garage is often on the other side of your home from your furnace or air conditioner. Even if you added ductwork, the warm or cool air would struggle to reach the room above your garage. Additionally, your HVAC equipment is designed to heat and cool the existing space of your home. It doesn’t have the power to efficiently heat and cool the extra space above your garage.

With Mitsubishi ductless, you can add a stand-alone heating and cooling system that just heats and cools the space above your garage. You don’t have to worry about straining the capacity of your existing equipment or about adding ductwork. And if desired, you can add ductless throughout your entire home as well as to the area above your garage.

Benefits of Mini Splits Over the Garage

Mitsubishi mini-splits offer the following benefits when you add them over your garage:

  • Highly efficient operation that keeps energy bills as low as possible.
  • Quiet operation of both indoor and outdoor units.
  • Advanced air filters that protect your indoor air quality, which is especially important above the garage.
  • Fans and occupant sensors to ensure every corner of the room above your garage gets consistent comfort.
  • Ductless technology to streamline installation.
  • Zoned controls so you can specify the optimal temperature for your space.
  • A wide range of settings to optimize comfort levels.
  • Multiple designs so you can choose an indoor unit that complements your decor.

Ductless mini-splits aren’t just perfect for rooms above the garage. They can also work in any other finished spaces that aren’t connected to your central ductwork. This includes attics, basements, home additions, and even the garage itself.

Choosing a Mini Split for the Room Over Your Garage

When you decide to install a ductless mini-split over the garage, you will need to choose an outdoor unit and an indoor air-handling unit.

The outdoor unit will be a single-zone unit if you just want to heat and cool the space over the garage. If you want to create multiple ductless heating-and-cooling zones in your home, you will need a multi-zone outdoor unit. There are also hyper heat outdoor units for heating in very cold climates and outdoor units that just do air conditioning.

Then, you’ll need to choose your indoor air handling unit. The right unit will vary depending on the cubic footage of the room above your garage. You can also choose units that mount to the wall, floor, or ceiling. Finally, you get to make some choices about features and comfort settings.

Installing Ductless Over Your Garage

The installation process can generally be completed in less than a day. The installer will put the outdoor unit in a discrete and convenient spot. Then, they will install the indoor unit.

These two units will have refrigerant, electrical, and drainage lines running between them. The lines are so small that they can be installed without disrupting your home’s interior or exterior.

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Whether you’re adding a home office, a workout room, a family room, a guest room, a granny flat, or anything else above the garage, you need heating and cooling. A ductless mini-split can make this space comfortable, efficient, and inviting. To talk about options and installation, contact us at NETR, Inc today.