Ductless HVAC Case Studies in Andover and North Andover

Homeowners install ductless HVAC systems for many different reasons. Some love the energy efficiency, while others are more focused on the comfort. Some homeowners only add a mini split to a small area of their home such as an addition, while others opt to use ductless throughout their whole homes. Regardless of why you’re considering ductless or how you want to apply the technology, you should consider reading about homeowners in similar situations.

To help you get started on your research, we’ve put together the following case studies of clients from Andover and North Andover. Check out the following links to see how these homeowners improved the comfort of their homes, while also boosting their energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprints. Or to get help now, contact us at N.E.T.R., Inc. today.

Replacing Oil Heating and Adding Cooling

The owners of a Colonial home in North Andover were using an oil furnace during the winter and suffering through the summer without any cooling. They wanted a more energy-efficient heating solution and something to make the summer more comfortable. Due to the lack of ductwork and their preference for energy efficiency, ductless heating and cooling was the best option.

Upgrading the Heating and Cooling in a Victorian

This Victorian home in North Andover relied on oil heating during the winter, and it didn’t have any cooling for the summer. The homeowners wanted an upgrade, but they certainly didn’t want to disrupt the beauty of their home with ductwork. Ultimately, they decided on a ductless air source heat pump to meet all of their objectives. The system came with cold climate technology, allowing it to replace the oil furnace and efficiently meet their needs all year long. 

Replacing Forced Hot Water Heating With Ductless

Like many old homes in Andover, this Cape-style home relied on forced hot water heating during the winter, and it didn’t have any AC at all. The heating was inefficient and inconsistent, while the summers were unbearably hot. Ductless HVAC solved all of these issues. By installing a multi-zone ductless system, the homeowners got more efficient heating and cooling throughout the summer.

Installing Ductless HVAC in a New Home

While many of our case studies of ductless in Andover focus on clients with older homes, that’s certainly not the only application for these systems. Many people who are building new homes also gravitate to ductless because of its efficiency, quiet operation, zone technology, and multiple other benefits. That’s exactly why these clients chose ductless HVAC when building their new Cape-style home in Andover.

Creating Summertime Comfort in a Colonial

In this Colonial home, certain rooms were always way too hot during the summer. The owners didn’t want to use inefficient and unsightly window ACs, and fans were not up to the job. Adding central AC would have been labor-intensive and expensive as the home didn’t have ductwork. As a result, the family chose to add ductless AC. They continued to rely on their forced air heating during the winter, but if desired, they could supplement their existing heat with their new ductless equipment.

Adding Five Zones of Ductless to a Home

This big family owned a large home, but that didn’t mean they wanted large electrical bills. Unfortunately, their electric heating along with window AC units were creating expensive energy bills all year long. They were also tired of the inconsistent heat and the work of taking the window ACs in and out every year. Ultimately, they decided that a five-zone ductless system was perfect for both their heating and cooling needs. They went with hyper heat so they could rely on ductless as a standalone heating solution for the winter.

Improving HVAC Efficiency in North Andover

When the clients bought this new home in North Andover, they immediately knew that they wanted a more efficient HVAC solution. In the winter, the home used oil heating, and during the summer, the only option was to be hot or put in window ACs. They turned to a multi-zone hyper-heat solution to keep themselves comfortable all summer and winter long, without worrying about high energy bills.

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