Homeowners Guide to Ceiling-Mounted Mini Splits

A mini split ceiling cassette recesses into your ceiling, and the only visible part is a discrete and stylish grille. Whether you choose LG or Mistubishi ceiling cassettes, you get to enjoy all of the benefits of ductless heating and cooling, and you don’t have to worry about cluttering up your walls with wall- or floor-mounted ductless units.

To help you learn more about mini-splits with ceiling cassettes, we’ve put together this resource page with links to more information. Don’t see your question or concern? Then, contact us directly. We’d love to solve your heating and cooling challenges and help you create the most comfortable home possible.

Introduction to the Ceiling Cassette Mini Split

A ceiling mini split gives you all the advantages of a ductless heat pump. You get to enjoy energy efficiency, increased comfort, and zoned heating and cooling. However, when you opt for a ceiling mount, you don’t have to worry about putting a unit on your wall — instead, a recessed ceiling cassette discretely delivers warm or cool air to your home. 

How a Mini Split Ceiling Cassette Works

Mini split splits use heat pumps to heat and air condition your home. They feature an outdoor condenser connected to an indoor air handling unit that mounts to the floor, wall, or ceiling, and they don’t need any ductwork. Check out this link to see how a ceiling-mounted mini-split works. 

Benefits of a Mini Split With Ceiling Cassette

All mini-splits offer enhanced comfort and energy efficiency, but mini-split ceiling mounts offer specific advantages. Take a look at the benefits of these discrete and stylish air-handling units.

Energy-Saving Features of Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassettes

Mitsubishi ceiling cassettes enhance the comfort of your home with multi-directional airflow and fans that keep temperatures consistent. Even more importantly, they also offer stunning energy savings, and manufacturers are always looking for ways to make these systems more efficient. Check out the energy-saving features of a Mitsubishi mini split ceiling cassette.

Is a Ceiling Mini Split Right for Your Home?

Now that you understand how a ceiling-mounted mini-split works, you’re probably wondering if this option is right for your home. To help you out, we created the following buying guides.

When to Choose Ceiling-Mounted Ductless Vs. Wall or Floor-Mounted

When you put in a ductless mini split, you can choose between three different types of indoor units — ceiling, wall, or floor-mounted. In some cases, you may even end up with multiple types of units in different zones of your home. In the following resources, you will learn what you should consider when making your decision.

Mini Split Ceiling Cassette Vs. Wall Mount (Podcast)

In this podcast, the General Manager of NETR, Inc talks about the differences between ceiling cassettes and wall-mounted ductless units. He explores differences in cost, installation, designs, and more. He also talks about which types of homes are best suited to ceiling-mounted mini splits.

9 Signs Ceiling-Mounted Ductless Is Right for Your Home

Ceiling-mounted mini splits are the ideal choice for a wide range of homes. Ceiling cassettes are a great solution if you have low walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, or other design challenges. They’re also perfect for homeowners who simply don’t want a unit on their walls. But you also need to ensure that your ceiling cavity has enough room to accommodate a ceiling mount.

12 Questions to Consider When Buying a Ceiling-Mounted Ductless Unit

To help you choose the right ceiling cassette, we’ve put together a list of questions for you to work through. Answering these questions will help you determine which type of ceiling-mounted mini-split you should put in your home.

The Cost of a Mini Split Ceiling Mount

Mini split ceiling cassettes cost slightly more than standard wall-mounted designs. The increased cost is due to more advanced technology plus higher labor costs. Check out the following links to learn more.

10 Factors That Affect the Cost of a Mini Split With Ceiling Cassette

Mini split heating and cooling systems are customized to the needs of your home. By extension, the price varies. The following links explore the main factors that shape the cost of a mini split with a ceiling cassette.

Ductless Ceiling Cassette Costs (Podcast)

In this podcast, the General Manager of NETR, Inc dives into ceiling cassette costs. He talks about the cost of a ceiling-mounted system in general, and then, he explores specific factors that can drive costs up or down.

Mini Split With Ceiling Cassette Installation

Installing a mini split ceiling cassette takes a bit more labor than installing a wall- or floor-mounted design. If you contact us, we’d love to answer your questions about the installation process directly, or you can start your research here.

What to Expect With Ceiling Mounted Mini Split Installation

When you purchase a mini split with a ceiling cassette, the installers will put in an outdoor condenser, and then, they will connect one or more ceiling cassettes to it. Check out an overview of the process so that you know what to expect on the big day.

Ductless Ceiling Cassette Installation (Podcast)

In this podcast, the General Manager of NETR, Inc explains the installation process for a ductless mini split. He outlines the prep work and tells listeners what to expect on installation day.

Contact Us About Ceiling-Mounted Mini Splits

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