5 Energy-Saving Features of Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassettes

Mini split ceiling-mounted cassettes boost the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling. Wondering why they’re so efficient? Take a look at these five energy-saving features:

1. Zone Thermostat Settings

Electric heat pumps work in zones. They feature an outdoor condenser that attaches to one or more indoor air handling units. This can be a ceiling cassette, but alternatively, it can be a floor or wall-mounted unit.

Each indoor unit has its own thermostat. This allows you to customize the settings based on use. For instance, if you work at home, you may want to keep your office warm but reduce heat to the rest of your home during the day. If you have a zone in the guestroom, you may only want to turn on the equipment when you have a guest staying in the home.

In contrast, with central heating and cooling, your entire home must be set at the same temperature. This means that you often end up wasting energy. 

2. No Ductwork

When warm or cool air travels through ducts from your furnace or AC to the rest of your home, air often seeps out of the ducts. This air goes into ceiling cavities, attics, or crawlspaces where it’s simply wasted. Ceiling cassette heat pumps don’t have ducts so you don’t need to worry about this issue.

3. Heat Movement Vs. Generation

Whether you opt for a wall, floor, or ceiling-mounted unit, it uses a heat pump to heat and cool your home. Heat pumps don’t generate heat. They move heat. Moving heat requires a lot less energy than generating heat.

In the summer, heat pumps extract heat from your home and move it outdoors. During the winter, they extract heat from the cold air and bring it into your home. Hyper heat technology allows this to happen even when the temperature is below zero.

4. Inverter-Driven Compressor

The inverter-driven condenser in the outdoor unit connected to your ceiling cassette customizes its output based on your heating and cooling needs. Once your home reaches its target temperature, the compressor reduces its speed. Then, it continues to make slight adjustments as needed to keep your home comfortable.

In contrast, most traditional HVAC equipment powers on until your home reaches the temperature on your thermostat. Then, the equipment shuts down until the temp is a couple of degrees higher or lower than the target. At that point, the equipment powers back on.

This constant on-off cycling is similar to driving your car in stop-and-go traffic. It takes a lot of energy. The inverter-driven compressor, however, goes on and stays on, and it adjusts its fan speed as necessary. This is like highway driving which is a lot more efficient than city driving.

5. Multi-Vane Airflow

The energy-saving features listed above are true for all electric heat pumps, regardless of the type of indoor air handling unit you select. However, if you compare wall- vs ceiling-mounted units, you may find ceiling-mounted units to be more efficient due to their multi-vane airflow capabilities.

A wall-mounted unit must blow air across the room, but if you install your ceiling-mounted unit in the middle of the room, it can blow air in multiple directions. Most rectangular units blow air in two directions, while the Mitsubishi square units blow air in four different directions. This improves comfort in the room and reduces the possibility of cold spots.

Often that allows you to reduce the temperature on the thermostat for additional energy savings. This is one of the many reasons that homeowners are often eager to pay the extra cost of installing a ductless mini split.

Ceiling mounted mini splits are inherently more energy efficient than other types of heating and cooling systems. They also use electricity which is more environmentally friendly than using fossil fuels to heat your home.

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