Garages aren’t just for storing vehicles, camping gear, and holiday decorations. They can also be used as workshops, crafting zones, home offices, and more. Many people even turn their garages into neighborhood hangouts.

If you want to use your garage for more than storage, you need the space to be comfortable. You might want to add carpet, a pool table, a bar, or countless other essentials, but of course, you also need heating and cooling. A Mistubishi heat pump can easily keep your garage comfortable all year long. Here’s what you need to know.

Benefits of Ductless Heating and Cooling in Garages

The main benefit of ductless heating and cooling for garages is that these solutions don’t need to be attached to your ductwork. That means ductless mini splits are the perfect solution for basements, attics, home additions, and you guessed it — garages.

Mitsubishi ductless electric heat pump systems also offer the following benefits:

  • Efficient heating and cooling that keeps your energy bills low.
  • Quiet operation so you can focus on the rest of your life.
  • Air filters that improve the health of your indoor air.
  • Heating and cooling capabilities to keep you comfortable all year long.
  • Even heating and cooling in every corner of your room.
  • Dehumidification and other settings to safeguard your comfort.
  • Remote controls and apps that allow you to easily change settings.

When you add ductless heating and cooling to your garage, you also get to choose from a range of styles. Select an indoor unit that mounts to the wall, floor, or ceiling, and then, select from a range of capacities, finishes, and designs.

What to Expect When Getting Ductless Heating and Cooling for Your Garage

Your Mitsubishi electric heating and cooling system features an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. A single-zone outdoor unit can support a single indoor air handling unit. Or if you want to add ductless heating and cooling throughout your whole home, you can opt for a multi-zone outdoor unit that supports up to eight indoor units.

Your HVAC contractor will work with you to guide you toward the right setup for your situation. Once you have selected your Mitsubishi equipment, the installer will typically be able to put in everything in less than a day. They set up the outdoor unit and mount the indoor unit. Then, they connect the units with refrigerant, electrical, and drainage lines.

The lines running between the indoor and outdoor units are very small. That means you don’t have to worry about a messy or disruptive installation process. The installer uses very small holes to put in the lines. Once everything is installed, you can start enjoying Mitsubishi comfort right away.

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Rebates for Electric Heat Pumps

When you invest in a heat pump, you may qualify for a rebate from a group such as MassSave. To learn more, check out our rebates page. We stay updated on the latest rebates, and to provide as much value as possible for our clients, we also help you apply for rebates.

Contact Us to Talk About Your Garage

Want to expand how you use your garage? Ready to turn that unused space into a comfortable living zone? You don’t have to install expensive, messy ductwork or rely on inconvenient solutions like space heaters or window ACs. Instead, you can create a comfortable garage with a Mitsubishi ductless mini-split.

To learn more about these systems and how they can improve your life, contact us today. At NETR, Inc, we have extensive experience helping home and business owners upgrade to ductless. We look forward to working with you.