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When this Arlington, Massachusetts condo owner moved into his new place, he knew there were a lot of changes he wanted to make to his new home.  These changes included evaluating the long-term viability of the heating and air conditioning systems. After finding that this home used an older, inefficient, oil boiler he weighed his options and discovered Hyper Heat.  This ductless technology is efficient and functions as a heating and cooling system.

Arlington home gets new Mitsubishi multi-zone heating and cooling system.

Problem: First, this home was not equipped with an air conditioning system and required the seasonal installation of window air conditioners. Second, the old oil boiler was inefficient and resulted in high oil usage in winter.

Solution:  A Mitsubishi ductless mini split unit with Hyper Heat designed to provide flawless comfort in the winter and doubles as a world-class air conditioner in summer, dramatically lowering energy usage and cost.

The Hidden Bonus?

This homeowner saved a ton of money in the winter when this mini split heat pump with Hyper Heat supplements their existing oil heat.

One of the reasons Mass Save is working with New England utility companies to provide the highest rebates on this type of heating and cooling technology is the amount of energy it saves.

Every time we install a system like this for cooling, the homeowner calls us sometime during the following winter to tell us how much lower their heating costs are with the new unit.

Click here to read about a job we did in Andover where the homeowners saved $700 in the first couple of months, once the weather got cold.

Increasing the Value of this Home

Choosing this type of system made this condo more livable and increased the long-term property value by upgrading to some of the best heating and AC units available!

The warranty on all qualifying systems installed after April 1, 2015 has been extended to 12 years! Click here to see the details.

Converting from Oil Heat to Ductless Gives Year-Round Comfort

This heat and AC unit will keep this Arlington homeowner comfortable all year long.

Based on this homeowner’s need to heat and cool every room in their new condo, N.E.T.R., Inc. Home Comfort Consultant, Russell Dodd, recommended a Mitsubishi ductless, multi-zone, heat and AC unit.

The owner was deeply involved the inspection and research that went into the preparations.  After weighing the evidence, he agreed with Russell’s recommendation. He was especially happy that this solution includes air conditioning, enabling him to enjoy his investment year-round!

Installation of an outdoor unit for this home’s Mitsubishi mini split system.

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