Valley Design Facility Gets HVAC System in Inspection Area

performance-15-heat-pumpIn Shirley, MA, the Valley Design Corp. has its primary facility. The company offers optical polishing services, drilling, and other finishing services for manufacturers. Recently, the company outgrew its space and expanded the building to include a specialized CNC and clean inspection area.

The new space offered ample room for parking forklifts and completing cleanings and inspections. Because the addition was a new build, it did not have a working HVAC system.

After doing some research, the project manager for Valley Designs discovered that N.E.T.R., Inc. had an outstanding reputation in the area for both residential and commercial clients. After reading reviews from other satisfied customers, the manager knew that N.E.T.R., Inc. would be able to design a solution that would fit their needs for heating and cooling their new build.

The Problem: Valley Design Corp needed quality heating and air conditioning in its new addition to its facility. This HVAC system needed to provide reliable heat in the winter and comfortable air conditioning in the winter.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. designed a ducted system using two units, including an outdoor heat pump and an indoor air handler. The system was designed to be efficient and provide quality air control all year long.

The Design

When Valley Designs Corp contacted N.E.T.R., Inc., Mike Herrick was assigned to be the project manager for the installation. Mike has years of experience designing and installing systems just like this one in businesses across Boston and the New England area.

After touring the facility, Mike was glad to tell the client that a two-unit system would fit their needs. The ducted system would be easy to install in such a large space, and the ductwork wouldn’t interfere with the workspace so that the project could be completed without difficulties.

The client informed Mike that the majority of the building was heated with gas, but that they wanted the new system not to be linked into the existing gas system. By choosing a non-gas heating system, the Valley Design Corp will be likely to save money on their energy bills, thanks to the efficiency of electric heat pumps.

The Installation

carrierAfter meeting with the client to discuss the placement of the units and ductwork, Mike and his team got to work installing the system. The outdoor unit was a Comfort Series heat pump with Puron 5 tons cooling, which was plenty of power to cool the entire space. Additionally, this heat pump is able to function as a heating unit, as well.

The heat pump works by trapping the existing heat in the outside air and transferring it inside. During the process, the air passes through the refrigeration coolant, which increases the temperature, and then passes it to the indoor air handler through the ductwork. By the same design, in the winter, the heat pump takes cool air from outdoors during the summer, cools it even more with the refrigerant, and pumps it into the building.

The outdoor HVAC heat pump was connected to the indoor AC through ductwork, which was installed so that it wouldn’t interfere with the everyday activities of the plant. The indoor unit was a single aluminum cabinet with one-inch thick super insulation.

A 15kW electric heater was also installed with relays for the indoor unit to provide precise temperature control in the harsh Massachusetts winters. In some cases, ductwork is inconvenient and cannot be used, but this location proved the ideal opportunity for a traditional ducted system.

The Benefits

Because the unit is using the existing heat or cold in the air, it decreases the amount of energy required to convert the air to the temperature needed. This process makes these units highly effective for businesses like this one, as well as energy-efficient.

Additionally, the company can now enjoy a CNC and clean/inspection area that is always a comfortable temperature. When dealing with materials like the ones at Valley Designs, temperature control is crucial.

Ultimately, this client will be able to keep their new space warm in the winter and cool in the summer without a problem. In the future, they can even expand upon the system, if the plant continues to grow.


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