Plum Island Cottage gets comfort with ductlessThis classic cottage on Plum Island in Newbury, MA is just a mile from the Beach, making it a great place to relax and enjoy life. The homeowners were renovating the cottage to make it truly special, and they wanted to make sure they were increasing the comfort of the home at the same time. The home had an old oil heating system, and no cooling at all. The homeowners knew they wanted increased comfort to be able to enjoy the cottage all year long in comfort, but wanted to make sure they got a cost-effective solution, so they could do all the other necessary renovations without busting the budget on the heating and cooling system.

Problem: The homeowners were renovating this cottage home in the Plum Island area of Newbury, just a mile from the Beach. It had oil heat, but the homeowners wanted to improve the heating and cooling systems to provide more comfort while increasing efficiency and not breaking the budget to install or operate.

Solution:By adding two zones of Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling, this cottage home will get perfect comfort year-round without costing an arm and a leg to run!

The homeowners had done their research, and knew they were looking at Mitsubishi heat pumps as a possibility for the home, because of their outstanding product reviews and reliability. When they gave us a call here at NETR, they were impressed by our customer reviews and our status as a Mitsubishi Elite Diamond dealer, and the #1 installer of ductless in New England. We couldn't wait to help them out during the renovation process, as this often gives us a chance to make sure we can install a new system while minimizing any intrusions of the necessary piping.

When we discussed the needs of the home with the owners, they wanted to ensure that they got year-round comfort where they needed it most. We suggested that creating two zones of comfort with Mitsubishi's Hyper Heat ductless heat pump system would give them the comfort they craved both on the first floor and in the second floor bedroom while not breaking the bank on installation, or with energy bills on day to day operation.

Newbury ductless mini-splits

By creating two zones of comfort, the homeowners will be able to heat or cool the area of the home most in use, and not spend energy (and money) on areas that aren't being used, greatly reducing their bills. 

As you can see, during a renovation when the walls are open, we can ensure the units have all necessary piping and utilities hidden behind the wall, making sure the indoor cassettes, already known for their low profile, are installed almost seamlessly. 

By choosing to create 2 zones of comfort, the homeowners will get the comfort they need, upstairs and downstairs, no matter the weather. During the winter, the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat system uses inverter technology to be able to efficiently generate heat even when it's -13F outside! The system is incredibly efficient compared to other energy sources, and the ductless systems do such a good job distributing the warm air around a room, many of our customers report savings up to 40% on their energy bills in the first Winter season!

renovations allow for great placement of ductless units in Newbury

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In addition to cost-effective heating, Mitsubishi ductless also can deliver world-class cooling from the same units!  Just like in heating, the units distribute the air throughout a space and monitor humidity, making sure you are perfectly comfortable no matter where you are in the room.  And by using the convenient remote control, you can adjust the temperature without ever leaving the couch! The comfort combined with the humidity control are particularly important when you live in coastal areas like Plum Island in Newbury.

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Best of all, these energy-efficient systems save so much energy, they qualify for rebates through the Mass Save and Mass CEC program. Our homeowners were able to qualify for $2,343 from the Mass CEC program and $200 from the Mass Save program, giving them  $2,543 dollars that helped make this significant upgrade in efficiency even more affordable, and making their renovation budget stretch even further.Newbury ductless mini-splits 

As you can see, ductless installations like this one can help bring enhanced year-round comfort at an affordable price This makes it worthwhile to consider that move to the beach, and maybe even making it a permanent move, now that you can be as comfortable at Christmas as you can be on the 4th of July.

If you have a cottage, shore home, or live anywhere in the North Shore area and want increased comfort in your home, give us a call. We'll be sure to design a custom solution that will get you the comfort you need, at a price you can afford- both for installation, and to save you money every month in energy bills!