5 MORE Myths Homeowners Have About Ductless Debunked!

Many homeowners come to us with misconceptions about ductless heating and cooling, and it’s our job to dispel the rumors. We’ve had a lot to say about air conditioning and heat pump myths, and we address even more below. Keep reading to discover why some homeowners still have the wrong idea about ductless and what N.E.T.R., Inc. can do to help New England residents get comfortable, energy-efficient HVAC. 

Myths About Ductless Systems

Myth #1 – You Can’t Add Ductless To Existing Structure

One of the most common misconceptions about ductless heating is that you can’t add it to an existing structure. This simply isn’t true and in many cases, ductless is the best option for increasing heating or cooling capacity or adding it to a new room. Ductless HVAC can be added to just about any type of home, regardless of its age or construction type and the process is fairly straightforward.

First, a hole is cut in the exterior wall of your home to accommodate the outdoor portion of the ductless unit. Next, the indoor portion of the unit is installed inside your home, typically high up on a wall. Finally, refrigerant lines are run between the indoor and outdoor units, and the system is charged with refrigerant. The installation usually only takes a few hours when completed by a qualified HVAC contractor.

Myth #2 – Indoor Units Breed & Spread Bacteria

Ductless HVAC systems are far more allergen-friendly than window ACs, wood stoves, and central units. Ductless systems use superior filtration and inhibitive materials that do not allow for the growth and spread of mold, mildew, and bacteria, which are all common problems for those with central air systems or other types of heating and cooling.

Ductless technology allows for improved air quality, and individuals with allergies or other respiratory health conditions often have fewer symptoms when in an environment with ductless HVAC.

Myth #3 – Ductless Doesn’t Last

Ductless heating systems are often thought to be less durable than traditional HVAC systems because the same unit operates all year. Central systems, for example, often use an indoor furnace for heating and an outdoor condenser for air conditioning, only sharing ducts.

But this doesn’t necessarily translate to greater longevity. Ductless heating systems are just as durable as any other type of HVAC system on the market, if not more so. Many ductless units come with a warranty that covers parts and labor for up to 10 years, and it’s not uncommon for properly installed systems to last 20 years or more.

Myth #4 – It’s Costly To Run

It’s a common misconception that ductless HVAC is expensive to operate. In reality, these systems are very efficient and can save you money on your energy bills.

Since ductless systems don’t rely on ductwork to distribute heat, they avoid much of the energy loss associated with traditional forced-air systems. Data from the University of Florida suggests that ductwork is responsible for the loss of at least 40% of your heating or cooling energy.

Ductless systems also have superior temperature control compared to forced-air systems. Because each area has an individual thermostat, you can maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home and you won’t have to waste energy heating or cooling rooms that aren’t being used.

Myth #5 – Ductless Uses Toxic Chemicals

Another common rumor about ductless heating is that the units emit toxic chemicals due to the materials used to manufacture and clean them. Ductless heating units use a refrigerant called R-410A, which does not contain any chlorine and does not release any harmful chemicals into the air.

Cleaning a ductless unit is as easy as rinsing the filters under hot water, and professional cleaning uses safe, enzyme-based cleaning solutions and water pressure to remove built-up grime and debris. 

Get More Info About Ductless Today

All too often, homeowners are quick to write off ductless heating as being too expensive or difficult to install. However, the truth is that ductless heating can be a great option for those looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to heat and cool their home. With so many myths circulating about ductless heating, it’s important to set the record straight.

If you’re considering ductless heating for your home, don’t let these common myths stop you from getting the information you need. Talk to a qualified HVAC contractor at N.E.T.R., Inc. today and learn more about this efficient and affordable way to keep your home comfortable all year long.

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