LG Ductless LGRED Cold Climate Heat Pumps (Video)

Jimmy Smithell of N.E.T.R. talks about LG heat pump systems, and how LGRED cold climate heat pumps are a great solution for year-round heat in New England.

LGRED offers some great options to heat and cool a New England home.

Hi, I’m Jimmy with N.E.T.R. Today I want to talk to you about a few options to heat and cool a New England home using LG cold climate heat pumps. What I mean by cold climate heat pumps — this system will produce heat down to minus 17 and be efficient all the way down into almost zero degrees in some situations.

This means we can heat a New England home with no other fuel or fossil source behind it, starting from a ducted, which is a one-on-one, meaning one condenser, one air handler. This air handler would go in the attic or a basement of some applications and be traditionally ducted in.

The next option is a ductless option where we install wall mounted units in the home. This option, we can really get into it and zone it. What that means is we can basically turn rooms on and off for heating and cooling. This is great because we don’t live in a hundred percent of our home all day every day, and we can really turn off those rooms that we’re not using.

Also, there is a floor mounted unit that we can install. Most of the time these would go in an attic space or a sunroom or something like that.

We also carry a line of ceiling cassettes. This application we see in a first floor, which would be a large room, more of a family room or a kitchen space. They’re a little bit too big for most bedrooms, but some applications have been done.

These are a few great options to heat and cool using LGRED cold climate heat pumps.