A lack of ductwork doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your comfort. With Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps, you can add efficient heating and cooling to your whole home or an addition regardless of whether or not it has ductwork.

If you have a colonial, craftsman, Victorian, or any other style of home without ductwork, you can install a Mitsubishi ductless system without disrupting your home’s beautiful architecture. Ductless mini-splits also work perfectly for new construction or additions that aren’t connected to your central ductwork.

How Ductless Systems Work in Homes With No Ductwork

A lot of older homes without ductwork use radiators in the winter and rely on window air conditioners or fans in the summer. Traditionally, if you wanted to add air conditioning to these homes, you had to add ductwork. Thanks to ductless heating and cooling systems, you can now easily add whole-home heating and cooling without adding ductwork.

Ductless heating and cooling systems feature an outdoor unit along with one or multiple indoor air handling units. The outdoor unit contains a heat pump that can heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. If desired, you can opt for a hyper heat unit that heats your home even in very cold temperatures or an outdoor unit that only does air conditioning.

Benefits of Ductless Systems for Homes With No Ductwork

The fact that these systems work so well in homes without ductwork is not their only advantage. Ductless mini-splits also offer a host of other benefits including but not limited to the following:

Even Heating and Cooling

When air travels along ducts, it often loses some of its heat (or chill) on the way to the rooms that are the furthest from the furnace or air conditioner. This leads to uneven heating and cooling. Ductless systems have advanced technology that uses fans along with occupant sensors to keep every corner of your home at a consistent temperature.

Zoned Heating and Cooling

Each indoor ductless unit creates its own zone. You can control the temperatures in each zone separately so that your home is always perfectly comfortable. You also don’t have to waste energy heating or cooling spaces that you aren’t using.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Heat pump technology utilizes an extremely efficient process. Whether it’s heating or cooling, an electric heat pump produces about the same amount of energy as it consumes in electricity. Most traditional heating and cooling systems consume much more energy than they produce.

Quiet Operation

Ductless heat pumps work very quietly. The outdoor unit is slightly quieter than the level of background noise at a quiet library when it’s not busy. In other words, it is quieter than a whispered conversation. The indoor units are much quieter than most home appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, and central HVAC equipment. Their noise level is about as loud as rustling leaves.

Fast and Easy Installation

Because these systems don’t require ductwork, they can be installed quickly and easily. In most cases, whether you’re dealing with an existing home or new construction, an installer can put in your ductless systems in a day.

Types of Ductless Heat Pump Systems

When you contact us at NETR Inc, we will help guide you to the right ductless system for your home with no ductwork. Whether you want to add ductless cooling, ductless heating, or both, we can help you find the ideal solution for your home.

For a small home or a single area, you may only need one indoor air handling unit. If you want to add heating and cooling to your entire home, you may need multiple indoor air handling units.

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Look through our website for more blogs, videos, podcasts, and resources about ductless mini-splits. Or contact us directly to learn more. We have completed hundreds of hours of training to earn Mitsubishi’s highest level of contractor certification, and we love talking with prospective clients about the benefits of heat pumps.


Rebates for Mitsubishi Ductless Systems

You don’t necessarily have to foot the cost of a new ductless system on your own. Because these systems are so efficient, Mass Save and others offer generous rebates to incentivize homeowners to upgrade. Before buying a ductless system for a home with no ductwork, check out our rebates page.

Contact Us to Talk About Heating and Cooling Solutions for Homes With No Ductwork

Just because your home doesn’t have ductwork doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy highly efficient heating and cooling and a home that is comfortable all year long. Ductless heating and cooling can cool your home in the summer, heat it in the winter, and keep your energy bills low all year long. To learn more, contact us at NETR, Inc today.