Ducted Ductless Systems (Video)

Mike Cappuccio discusses a ducted ductless system, what it is, and how it can be used to heat and air condition an entire area of your home, rather than just a single room. 

Hi, my name is Mike Cappuccio, I’m here today to talk to you about ducted ductless systems. Sounds a little bit like an oxymoron statement at this point, but I want to explain myself to you, and what this statement actually means. It’s a mixture of indoor units that we would put in your home on a Multi-Zone system from Mitsubishi Electric. What it is, is we have ducted units that we can run duct work with and hit an area of your home, not just a room of your home. The ductless units are the typical wall mount units that we mount on the walls inside the home.

Let me give you an example of where we would do a mixed system like this, with ducted units and ductless units. For instance, let’s take a typical split-level ranch, where you walk in the front door, and you walk down and there’s a family room down, and there’s kitchen, living room, dining room up, and maybe three bedrooms on the end of the house. Well, downstairs we’d first look at that with putting a ductless unit in. We could put one ductless wall mount unit downstairs to control that area, and then we could do another ductless unit upstairs to do the zone where the kitchen, living room, dining room is.

Now, we get down to the three bedrooms. This is when people say to me, “We really don’t want to put six zones in our house, we only want to put three.” And you have an attic, so we can put a ductless ducted unit in your attic, and run duct work off of that and hit the three bedrooms in that area of the home, put it on one return air censor, one control to control three bedrooms. So what we’re doing is we’re mixing up the indoor units with ducted units and ductless units, but now we’re only applying three zones to your house versus doing six indoor wall units.

So there’s a variety of different indoor units that we can choose to put into your home. Again, it all depends on your lifestyle and how you live in your home, and what you might want to do, but you’ve got to look at the ducted options as well as the ductless options, so it is really, in reality, a ductless ducted option. It’s a mixture of multiple units in your home.

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