Single-Zone vs Multi-Zone Ductless HVAC Systems (Video)

Mike Cappuccio discusses single-zone and multi-zone ductless HVAC systems, and when each would be used in your home.

Hi. My name is Mike Cappuccio. I’m here to talk to you today about Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling products and about a Single-Zone system and a Multi-Zone system, and where you might use a Single-Zone or where that you might use a Multi-Zone.

A typical Single-Zone ductless heating and cooling system is used a lot of the time in a three season porch, an addition on a home, a home office, an open area, things like that where you would put in that unit.

A good example of why you would want a Single-Zone — let me talk to you a little bit about the home office area. You heat and cool your whole entire home, and everyone goes out to work during the day, and you’re working in your home office during the day, and it’s either hot or cold. You’re heating the whole entire home, or you’re cooling the whole entire home while everybody else is gone, and wasting all kinds of energy and money on that. That’s a good consideration for putting in a Single-Zone unit in one zone of your home. The family living room area where you might live, you might want that one part of your home to be comfortable. That’s where a lot of times that gets done, too.

New construction: you’re adding on an addition to your home — gets looked at a lot with Single-Zones — adding one zone of heating and cooling to that. We come in and do that pretty simply in your home.

Let’s look a little bit now at the Multi-Zone. Where would I use a Multi-Zone in my home? Why would I want a Multi-Zone? A lot of times we go into homes, we talk to a lot of people. We have to look first at your lifestyle. How do you live in your home? When we determine how you live in your home, that determines how many zones we’re going to put into your home.

So when we look at the Multi-Zone system, we find out from you the homeowner, “Okay, I live in my living room, kitchen, dining room area of my home, and I have three bedrooms, but I only live in one. I only sleep in one bedroom.” I’m looking at that saying, “Okay, that’s probably going to be a three zone unit.” A unit in the kitchen, a unit in the living room, and a unit in the bedroom. It’s where you live is what you want to zone out in the home.

We can do anywhere from two zones up to 10 zones if we want in a home, depending on how you live and where you want to heat and cool those areas with that Multi-Zone unit.

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