Newburyport beach home replaces propane with Mitsubishi ductless for year-round comfortThe great things about having a beach home, especially one relatively close to Boston, is being able to enjoy it year-round. Getting away for the weekend with family and friends is a joy, but when your beach home isn't comfortable, it can make you want to stay home instead- which defeats the purpose of having such a great get-away in the first place.

When the owners of this lovely Cape-style home in Newburyport gave us a call, they were relying on FHA-propane for heat, and had no cooling system at all other than window air conditioners, which meant they were spending a good part of the summer sticky and uncomfortable when the window units just couldn't keep up.

They were looking for a better solution to heat and cool their home, that would be both energy efficient and cost-effective to run. They did their research, and read about Mitsubishi ductless systems and their outstanding product reviews, and gave us a call to discuss options.They had seen the reviews for NETR online, and our reviews for work we've done in other homes in Newburyport and surrounding areas, and were confident we could help them solve their problems so they could enjoy their home in greater comfort.

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Problem:This beautiful Cape-style home in Newburyport was heating their home with propane and had no cooling system at all. The owners wanted to increase the comfort in their beach home with heating and cooling comfort so they could enjoy the home year-round.

Solution: We installed 5 zones of Mitsubishi ductless heating and air conditioning to the TV room, kitchen, and three bedrooms, ensuring perfect comfort in the home no matter what Mother Nature dishes out, Winter or Summer! This air source heat pump with air conditioning combination is the perfect system.

Ductless installation in Newburyport brings cooling comfort at last!

When we sat down with the homeowners, we knew that in order to give them the comfort they wanted to turn their beach home into a year-round getaway, several zones of heating and air conditioning would work best. By creating separate zones, the homeowners can control the level of comfort they want in the more public areas of the home, like the TV room and kitchen area, while allowing individuals to control the temperature in the bedrooms separately. This allows homeowners to adjust the temperature as needed to make sure everyone's comfortable, while at the same time, avoid heating and cooling areas of the home not in use, saving additional money on energy!

Mitsubishi's ductless heat pump system allows you to install multiple indoor unit, like the one you see in the pictures, mounted up on the wall, out of the way, hooked up to one outdoor heat pump. You can control each unit individually with a remote control, and the unit will adjust the temperature and humidity accordingly, distributing the hot or cool air evenly throughout the space. This means no more hot or cool spots in a room, but perfect comfort throughout, and at a much great efficiency and lower cost than the old propane system they were using for heat. In addition, they would no longer have to rely on noisy, inefficient window air conditioners to try to get some relief in the summer- they have gotten a system that will provide them with the comfort they want, on demand, when they want it- making the home a truly comfortable get away.

Newburyport heat pump supports 5 indoor ductless mini-splits!

Newburyport home gets perfect year round comfort with ductless air source heat pumpsWe were able to create a total of five zones of comfort for the homeowners- for the TV room, Kitchen, downstairs bedroom, and two upstairs bedrooms. This ensures that the homeowners and any family members or guests will all be able to be comfortable spending time at the beach, no matter what the season. The homeowners were also able to take advantage of a Mass Save rebate of $500 and Mass Save financing, with 0% interest for up to 7 years for qualifying systems like this one. This helps make energy-efficient upgrades like this one an even more affordable investment in the long-term comfort of your home!

Just imagine as it starts to get a little chilly this Fall. The homeowners invite the family down to the beach, and are able to add just a touch of heat to the kitchen in the morning, ensuring everyone is comfortable when they come into breakfast. Each guest has been able to adjust the heating and cooling in their room, so the upstairs floors can get a little cooling if they need it, or a touch of heat, at their own preference. And the whole family is together and comfortable, where before adding ductless, they might have avoided going to the beach in the fall because it just got too cold to feel really comfortable, and turning on the propane system got expensive.  

Just as importantly, there won't be any more hassle with those noisy and inefficient window air conditioners that are a pain to install and store each year. Even if it gets hot early on, the homeowner will be able to add the cooling they need, whenever they want it, just with the touch of a button on the remote. Even on the hottest days of the summer, the homeowners will be perfectly comfortable, and will be saving money on energy bills at the same time! That's a solution that increases the level of comfort and enjoyment of their getaway, while making each moment more energy-efficient and cost-effective -something any homeowner can appreciate!