Ductless Deep Cleaning for Spring

Your HVAC system is a significant contributor to the quality of your air, especially in spring when the number of allergens in the air is much higher.

The Boston Globe reports that allergy season in Massachusetts is typically between May and August, and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America lists Springfield, Massachusetts as one of the top 10 worst cities in America for allergy sufferers.

This means that keeping your ductless AC clean is an important part of ensuring your air is healthy and your air conditioning works properly, but it’s something a lot of people don’t prioritize. With COVID-19 now a part of daily life, making sure your respiratory health is in peak shape is also high on the list this summer.

Unfortunately, self-cleaning HVAC technology doesn’t yet exist and chances are, you’re not getting the clean you need from simply maintaining your filters. A professional deep cleaning removes far more waste from your system and keeps it running smoothly throughout the season.

Here’s how we deep clean your ductless unit for spring or any other time of the year:

Install a Splash Guard

Before cleaning your ductless heat pump, we put up a protective splash guard called a bib to prevent dirt, debris, cleaners, and water from splashing onto your walls or floor. This mixture contains harmful particulates like fungi and bacteria, according to Time Magazine. We collect this dirty water in a receptacle that can be easily washed down the drain.  

Apply Advanced Formulated Foaming Cleaner to the Unit’s Coils

Next, we disassemble your unit and apply a high-tech foaming cleaner to the coils. The cleaner is formulated to begin breaking down oil and dirt immediately and only requires a short amount of time to start working.

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The Hydrokleen system uses AerisGuard cleaners that have been specifically designed to clean and protect ductless HVAC systems. These non-toxic, multi-enzyme cleaners are made to break down organic waste and detach it from the coil’s surface so it can be easily sprayed away. Without these formulas, it is much more difficult to remove hard, caked-on debris, even with aggressive scrubbing.

Pressure Wash the Unit

Once the AerisGuard foaming cleaner has been working for a few minutes, our experienced HVAC technicians will begin to pressure wash the unit’s coils. This physically flushes water through the system to remove mold, mildew, dust, bacteria, and virus particles that may be hiding deep within.

This type of cleaning can’t be achieved by simply removing and rinsing your ductless filters; it requires professional service from a trained technician. It is recommended that you clean the filters yourself every four to six weeks and have a deep cleaning done at least annually if not seasonally before spring and again in the fall.

Clean the Chassis, Barrel Fan, and Other Components

Next, other parts of your ductless air conditioner will be cleaned, including the chassis, the barrel fan, the louvres, the drain pain, and all other components.

Often, dirt and debris will build up on the back of the fan, giving the illusion that the system is cleaner than it is. Meanwhile, the dirty fan contaminates all of the air that passes through it and into your home. It also reduces the overall air velocity, causing the unit to become inefficient at cooling and increasing your energy bills. Energy.gov reports that your air conditioner can become 5% to 15% less effective at cooling your home if the filters are clogged.

The Hydrokleen system allows us to quickly and easily clean these parts that you may not be able to reach on your own. A deep cleaning not only improves your air quality but also helps you save money on your electric costs by significantly reducing the workload on your unit.

Apply a Protective Coating to the Coils

After the HVAC system has been cleaned, we apply a specially formulated AerisGuard protectant to your air conditioner’s components to create a biostatic layer that discourages the buildup of debris on the unit’s coils. This helps to improve air quality and control odors, because waste that would ordinarily build up and cause a musty, mildewy smell is no longer able to do so.

AerisGuard products are non-acidic, helping to protect the longevity of your system over time. Other cleaners that contain harsh corrosives can damage the coils and other ductless system components, requiring you to replace or repair them sooner.

Reassemble the Ductless Unit

After our technicians have serviced your unit, it will be reassembled and tested to ensure that it is working properly for both heating and cooling. Our HVAC techs don’t leave your home until we know that everything is in order and you won’t have any difficulty starting your system back up after the deep clean.   

Check the Outside Compressor

We’ll also check the outdoor compressor of your unit to ensure that there is no vegetation growing over it. We’ll look for signs of damage and make sure that there isn’t any ice buildup that could be impacting your HVAC system’s ability to cool your home. Whether you have a single outdoor unit or a multi-zoned system, our technicians are capable of providing you with expert service.  

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If you deep clean your home every spring, don’t forget about your ductless HVAC unit. In fact, if all you’re able to deep clean is your HVAC system this spring, your respiratory health and utility bills will thank you for it.  Contact N.E.T.R., Inc. today to schedule your HydroKleen appointment by calling 781.933.NETR (6387). We provide ductless deep cleaning for both residential homeowners and commercial businesses and are available now to assist you.