Why Swap Your Little Portable Heater for Energy Efficiency This Year

In cold climates like New England, little portable heaters are a staple for many homeowners. They’re cheap to buy and provide a lot of heat fast, but that’s about where the benefits end.

These small electric heaters are much more dangerous than people give them credit for and can cause many more problems than they solve. Here’s why and how N.E.T.R., Inc. can help you switch to an energy-efficient, long-term heating solution.

The Pitfalls of Portable Electric Heaters

Unfortunately, the convenience of portable electric heaters comes at a heavy price. Homeowners who use them often have to content with:

  • Limited heating capacity. The compact size of space heaters translates to limited heating capacity, providing only localized warmth and heat in small spaces. When tasked with heating large areas or entire rooms, these appliances typically struggle. This results in inconsistent temperatures throughout your home and creates hot and cold spots that make it difficult to stay comfortable.
  • High electric costs. Another critical drawback of space heaters is their energy consumption and contribution to high electric costs. The convenience of instant heat is expensive and when used consistently as a primary home heating method, this can result in abnormally high energy bills. While cheap to buy outright, portable heaters require more money over the long term than other heating methods with a higher upfront price but lower operating costs. 
  • Dangerous fire hazard. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that small electric heaters are responsible for approximately 1,700 home fires every year. On average, this results in about 160 injuries and 80 deaths in that same time frame. 

Ductless Heating Is a Smart Alternative

Ductless HVAC emerges as a superior solution for nearly every heating problem, offering homeowners:

  • Better energy efficiency. Ductless heating systems offer better energy efficiency than central HVAC systems, gas furnaces, wood stoves, and other forms of heating. Because heat isn’t generated and is only moved around, it requires much less power to achieve the same level of home comfort. 
  • Reduced carbon footprint. More efficiency means more than just lower electric bills. It’s also an eco-conscious way to reduce energy waste and minimize your carbon footprint. With climate change worsening, every step towards zero emissions counts.   
  • Greater control over your comfort. Ductless gives you the most control over your heating with zoned climate control that lets you keep different areas of your home at different temperatures. This lets you turn down the thermostat in rooms you’re not using or turn it up without increasing the heating for your whole house. 
  • Eliminates fire hazards. Switching your space heater or gas furnace for ductless eliminates the risk of home fires commonly caused by these appliances. You don’t have to worry about things like the drapes catching fire or carbon monoxide leaks when you have mini split heating. 
  • Improved indoor air quality. Ductless systems go beyond heating to help clean and maintain the quality of your indoor air. These systems filter out dust, allergens, and debris to create a healthier and more comfortable living environment. This is especially important for families who suffer from allergies or other chronic respiratory conditions. 

Cost Considerations of Portable Heaters vs. Ductless

One of the biggest barriers for homeowners interested in trading their portable heaters for ductless is the upfront cost. While the initial cost of ductless is high, how much you pay to operate the system is lower than any other heating method.

Over time, a ductless system will pay for itself and more with the ongoing energy savings you get throughout the life of your equipment. There may also be generous rebates and tax incentives available for certain homeowners to help reduce the cost of new ductless installation.

Ready to Switch? Contact Your New England Ductless Experts at N.E.T.R., Inc.

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