American Standard AC Replaces 35-Year-Old System

Lexington, MA, Colonial home upgrades to an American Standard AC with N.E.T.R. Inc.,.The owners of this Colonial home in Lexington, MA, had kept their house heated and cooled for years using the existing HVAC system.  Unfortunately, the system was over 35-years-old and beginning to fail on days with extreme temperatures.  With the increasingly hot summers and frigid winters typical in Massachusetts, the owners knew that an upgrade was in short order.

The homeowners found N.E.T.R. Inc., online and read some of the many reviews left by previous customers explaining the high-quality service and energy-efficient solutions that we provide. After reading some of the residential case studies about our work with similar homes, the owners knew that we could design a quick and straightforward solution for their heating and cooling problems.

The Problem: Colonial home in Lexington, MA, has a 35-year-old HVAC system that needs replacement.

The Solution: N.E.T.R. Inc., removes the old system and replaces it with a 2.5 ton 13 SEER American Standard AC system for the whole home.

The Design

An example of an American Standard indoor air handler installed in an AC replacement in Colonial home. After N.E.T.R. Inc., met with the family to inspect the old HVAC system, they determined that the old system would need replacement.  Fortunately, the home’s existing ductwork was in excellent condition, so it could be used for the new HVAC install.

The team working on this AC system upgrade project from N.E.T.R. Inc., proposed that the family have a 2.5 ton 13 SEER American Standard AC system installed in place of the old units.  The new system would have a single outdoor condenser unit for pumping air into the air handler installed inside.  This air handler would then push the heated or cooled air through the ductwork and into the home.

The Installation

Side-by-side example of incorrectly installed 35-year-old HVAC system next to the new American Standard outdoor condenser unit on a concrete pad. Before installing the new American Standard AC system could occur, the old central air units had to be removed and disposed of properly. N.E.T.R. Inc., has over forty years of experience dealing with numerous heating and cooling systems, so we were prepared to handle the removal project with ease.

First, the outdoor condenser unit was removed and discarded according to EPA standards.  Next, the new American Standard 2.5 ton 13 SEER condenser unit was installed on a newly poured concrete pad.  The original central air system’s condenser unit had not been placed on a pad, so it was prone to blockage from debris and snow in the winter. On the other hand, the new unit will be easy to access for maintenance and keep clear from debris.

Next, the team took out the indoor American Standard air handler installed in a storage area. The old unit was carefully discarded, and the new unit was installed.  The team patched the new air handler for the American Standard HVAC system into the existing ductwork.

Outdoor 2.5 ton 13 SEER American Standard condenser unit installed for new HVAC system in Lexington Colonial home. The old refrigerant line was out of date and needed replacement, as well. So it was removed and discarded according to the EPA standards. A new refrigerant line was installed to provide high-quality cooling relief throughout the home.

The team then installed new safety drains for the indoor unit, a new 3/8×7/8 line set from the attic to the outdoor condenser, and new condensate lines with overflow shut-down safety switches.

The Benefits

Now, the family will be able to enjoy high-quality air conditioning throughout their beautiful home for years to come.  N.E.T.R. Inc., will provide the owners with a 10-year limited warranty on parts for this American Standard AC system.

Additionally, because the new system is more efficient than the old AC system, the family should decrease their energy bills this summer.

What Can N.E.T.R. Inc., Do for You?

If you are tired of dealing with an old AC system that doesn’t keep your home cool enough on the hottest days or a heating system that leaves cold spots throughout your house, give us a call!  N.E.T.R. Inc., has over 40 years of experience helping families find a heating and cooling solutions for their homes throughout Boston and the surrounding areas.

If you are experiencing problems with your home’s HVAC system, contact us today!

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