Easton Colonial Gets Mitsubishi Heat Pump

Colonial home in Easton MA The owners of this colonial home in Easton, MA, loved that their home was a little piece of Easton’s history. The historic home was built before A/C, or central HVAC systems were standard, so it was no surprise that the home needed a better system for cooling in the summer.

The electric baseboard heating system in the home was powered with natural gas, which was able to keep up with the low temperatures of Massachusetts winters. However, the increasingly hot summers were starting to be a drain on the homeowners.

Window units were not an option for this family for several reasons. The primary reason is that they are both difficult to install and an eye sore on both the interior and exterior of the home. The homeowners wanted to preserve the natural beauty of their colonial, so they did not want to settle for using window A/Cs. Additionally, window units are expensive to operate, inefficient, and known safety risk when used on the first floor.

All these reasons led the owners to call N.E.T.R., Inc., as well as the family’s previous experience with us handling other installations and HVAC upgrades.

The Problem: This Colonial home in Easton, MA, was built with a natural gas heating system but no air conditioning. Window ACs were not an option for this family because they wanted a more permanent solution.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. installed a Mitsubishi electric heat pump with heating and cooling capabilities. This system offers multiple zones of comfort control and will help the owners stay comfortable all year long.

This bedroom had a ceiling unit installed for the Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling system. The Design

N.E.T.R., Inc., met with the family to tour the home and get a feel for the design of the new system. After seeing the house and the layout of the rooms, the team agreed that a multi-zone system with ductless wall units, ceiling cassettes, and floor-mounted units connected to a Mitsubishi heat pump would be the best fit.

The design of this system would give the family multiple zones of comfort and provide high-quality comfort control at the touch of a button. Using a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump with cooling capabilities would ensure the family was able to stay cool in the summer and provide a supplemental heating system during the winter. Now, the homeowners will be An example of a ceiling-mounted unit for Mitsubishi heating and cooling system in Easton, MA. comfortable throughout the year in their historic home without disturbing the natural beauty of the house they worked hard to preserve.

The Installation

Our comfort specialists knew that the home would need at least five zones of comfort control to keep the house adequately heated and cooled throughout the year. The rooms that would receive a Mitsubishi unit were the three bedrooms, the dining room, and the mudroom.

To preserve the look of the home, N.E.T.R., Inc. installed ceiling cassettes in all of the bedrooms. These units fit into the ceiling creating a clean, flush look that does not take away from the room’s beauty. This design was best for the bedrooms because it did not require a wall unit, and the slim design is more hidden than other ductless system units.

Another example of a ceiling unit installed in an Easton, MA, home for heating and cooling. A wall unit was installed in the mudroom, where it could be mounted high on the wall to provide the best airflow throughout the room. Mounting Mitsubishi ductless wall units is easy and only requires a small hole to be cut behind the unit for the tubing that connects it to the heat pump.

In the dining room, a floor-mounted Mitsubishi ductless unit was installed. This unit fit the space the best and required minimal preparation for the installation. The floor unit also needed a small hole to be drilled for the tubing, and then the unit was mounted low on the wall.

Lastly, N.E.T.R., Inc. installed the outdoor heat pump on a concrete pad outside the home. The best placement for this heat pump was the back of the home because it did not interfere with the house’s curb appeal. Additionally, this spot made it easy to run all the tubing from the interior units through the walls to connect them seamlessly to the condenser.

Example of a wall unit installed for heating and cooling this Easton, MA, colonial home. The Benefits

With the new Mitsubishi heat pump ductless system with heating and cooling capabilities, the family will be able to enjoy the complete comfort of their home all year long. The family will love that each of these rooms can be controlled via remote, which will give the homeowners pinpoint control over the comfort levels of each room.

Additionally, the design will provide more efficient heating and cooling so that the family will not be stuck feeling hot in the summer or chilly on winter days. Because the Mitsubishi Electric heat pump is one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool a home, the owners will see savings on their energy bills throughout the year. In the summer, they will finally be able to enjoy the home without the need for window units or fans. In the winter, the natural gas baseboard heating system will keep the house cozy, and the Mitsubishi ductless system will offer a little extra touch of warmth on especially chilly days.

A floor-mounted unit installed in this colonial home for heating and cooling. Another way the family will save money with the new installation is that it allows them to control the temperature in each room separately. Now, if they are not using one of the bedrooms for the season, they can just shut off the unit in that room, close off the room, and not waste money heating or cooling a space they are not using.

Lastly, this new Mitsubishi heat pump with heating and cooling capabilities is whisper-quiet and will not disturb the family when it kicks on to heat or cool the home.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

Whether you have a historical home you are trying to preserve the beauty of, or just need relief from summer heat in a house with no air conditioning, we can help! N.E.T.R., Inc. has decades of experience offering homeowners throughout Boston and the surrounding areas heating and cooling solutions for their homes.

If you are ready to start enjoying the comfort of your home again, contact us today! We will work with you to design the perfect system for your house.

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