Ductless Brings 365 Days of Comfort for this Contemporary Gloucester, MA Home

One of the most common problems we see when visiting homes is that they don’t have balanced temperatures throughout the house. Contemporary homes like this one in Gloucester have great architectural details, but every dormer, loft and angle also changes the air flow in the home. This can make this style of home extra challenging to heat and cool. One room is too cold while another is too hot. There is no great way to come to a happy medium, and window air conditioning units really struggle to keep a room comfortable- as well as being noisy and expensive to run. That was the situation for this family in Gloucester, MA. 

Gloucester Contemporary heating and air conditioning installation

Problem: This contemporary home just couldn’t keep a heating and cooling balance to keep all the rooms in the home comfortable. The homeowners have oil heat, and were relying on window air-conditioners to try to bring some relief in the summer. They were looking for cooling and supplemental heat for the bedrooms, to keep the house more comfortable, and wanted to get an efficient and cost-effective solution.
Solution: Installed a two-zone Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Ductless Unit to supplement existing oil heat and provide perfect comfort throughout the home. The Hyper heat system will allow zone by zone adjustments and will keep the humidity well controlled, ensuring great air quality and comfort every day of the year.

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Our homeowners loved their contemporary home, but they were having problems getting even heating and cooling throughout the home, making it pretty uncomfortable in both summer and in the winter.

Contemporary homes like this are great to live in- but they pose challenges to heat and cool evenly throughout. We knew that in order to make sure they were getting the heating and cooling they needed, at least two zones of heating and cooling were going to be needed.

Our Solution: We installed one outdoor heat pump unit and two indoor ductless units that will provide 2 zones of perfect comfort for the bedrooms in the home.

Mitsubishi’s Hyper Heat system doesn’t rely on ductwork, so it can be used in homes like this one where they are using radiator heat rather than forced air. The system is operated by remote control, allowing the home owners to control the heat or cooling in a room with the touch of a button, no matter what time of day, or what day of the year. These systems are designed to monitor and circulate the air within a zone, and monitor it, to make sure it stays comfortable throughout the room, while also controlling the humidity, to ensure perfect comfort.  

There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in a room that’s either too hot or too cold. Waking up in the winter to cold floors and frosty noses gets old after a while, and feeling sweaty and uncomfortable in the summer is no way to start a day. By adding ductless systems, the family will be able to add the heat or cooling they want, right where they want it, without affecting the temperature throughout the house. This also means that they will be able to save money by not pending money to adjust the heat in those rooms during the day when they’re not in use.Heat and air conditioning for the Boston area

Even better, ductless units are so quiet, we’ve even had musicians install them in their recording studios! This means that unlike using noisy and inefficient window units, the family will be able to ensure a good night’s rest for everyone, with the new ductless units making barely a peep while keeping them perfectly comfortable, every day of the year. Even better- there’s no more guessing when to put the a/c units in or put them away each year- and that’s particularly beneficial when the weather is unpredictable in the Spring and Fall, when a sudden heat wave can really make you sorry the window units aren’t in and ready to go. Besides the increased efficiency and decreased noise, buying perfect year round comfort and the time spent dealing with window units is money well spent!

Our homeowners in Gloucester will still be using their oil heat for the rest of the home, and we didn’t have to remove or alter any of the existing equipment to add the additional comfort of ductless to the bedrooms. Now they won’t have to crank up the heat for the whole home to get the heat they want in the bedrooms- saving lots of money especially in colder months. And because ductless also acts as air conditioning, the efficient and cost effective cooling will keep those rooms comfortable just when they’re needed, and not waste money cooling rooms that aren’t in use. The family will be able to  mothball all those old, inefficient window units for good!

Because this is an energy efficient system, many families can qualify for rebates under the Mass Save or Mass CEC program, so be sure to ask about what rebates might be available to your family if you decide to install ductless in your home! Additionally, the warranties on the systems has recently been extended to twelve years, giving homeowners peace of mind as well as increased comfort in their homes.

To recap the key points of this particular home and our solution:

  • The home owners now have a comfortable, quiet solution to heat and cool their contemporary home, ensuring comfort and a great night’s sleep in the bedrooms!
  • The energy bills will go down because of the energy efficient technology.
  • No removal or replacement of equipment was necessary- other than getting rid of the old window AC units!
  • The energy efficient technology and ability to zone off rooms will ensure that this family saves money every month on their energy bills, something every homeowner can appreciate!

A Great Investment

This kind of installation is going to help this family with a few things. They can still use their current system to heat, so this ductless install will supplement their current system, allowing them to add heat or cooling just where they need it, to make the house completely comfortable. No removal of an old system necessary.

This technology will also help save money on energy bills, being that it is an energy efficient solution, saving them money every month! 

The warranty on all qualifying systems installed after April 1, 2015 has recently been extended to 12 years! Click here to see the details.

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