Summer Lake House on Lake Winnipesaukee Gets Ductless AC

summer home on Lake Winnipesaukee Many families dream of owning a summer home on Lake Winnipesaukee. Life by the lake moves a little slower and offers an incredible escape from the busy city life. For our homeowners, they made this dream a reality!

Their quaint summer home sits right on the lake’s edge and offers a peaceful place to spend their time off. The house was fully equipped with a heating system but lacked any AC. Even though being right on the lake helped to keep the temperatures moderate, with the increasingly hot summers, the family was in need of a cooling solution for those extra hot days.

They needed a solution that would provide instant air conditioning in the three bedrooms and the family room. This comfort was necessary to make their home a year-round oasis that they can go to whenever they need to get away from the stress and pressure of everyday life.

Because of the home’s cabin-like aesthetic, they knew that they didn’t want to have to add ductwork. The addition of ductwork for a traditional air conditioning system could mean a long and expensive remodel of any rooms that need air conditioning.

The Problem: This summer lake house had an existing heating system, but lacked any air conditioning, leaving the family hot during the worst days of summer.

The Solution: N.E.T.R., Inc. installed a zoned ductless AC system throughout the home to provide quality cooling in the family room and all three bedrooms.

The Installation

heating system installed Not many families are lucky enough to find a great piece of real estate on Lake Winnipesaukee. Fortunately, our homeowners had a beautiful lake house where they hoped to spend the summers for years to come. The home already had a heating system installed, which kept the rooms comfortable in the winters.

However, many homes on the lake do not have air conditioning because of the temperate climate that naturally occurs on the lakefront. During the past few years, the summers in the area have been increasingly hot, so our homeowners knew that if they wanted their home to be completely comfortable all year long, they would need an air conditioning system.

multi-zoned ductless system The homeowners knew that they wanted a ductless AC system, since adding ductwork to the house would compromise the design and be a massive construction project. When they came across N.E.T.R., Inc., they knew we would be able to design a unique solution that was ideal for their home.

After surveying the property, Jimmy Smithell, proposed a multi-zoned ductless system that would deliver high-quality air conditioning where they needed it most. A single unit would be installed in all three of the bedrooms and a forth ductless AC unit would be placed in the family room. This multi-zoned ductless system would offer the family the ability to have pin-point control over their comfort in every room of the house.

Each of the ductless units will be mounted on the walls, out of the way, to optimize the air-flow throughout the space. Once the units are mounted, a small hole is cut in the walls, and thin tubing is run from the wall AC to the outdoor condenser unit. The tubing is small, like electrical wiring, and is much easier to install than ductwork, especially in a home with wood paneling, like this one.

The Benefits

energy-efficient heating and cooling system Ductless air conditioning systems like this one are some of the most versatile and energy-efficient heating and cooling system on the market today. That’s why this family will be able to keep their home cool and comfortable all summer long, without spiking their energy bills.

Each ductless unit takes about the same amount of energy to run as a lightbulb, which is much cheaper than other solutions like window AC units. Additionally, these ductless ACs are whisper-quiet so that the family can fall asleep to the sounds of the lake, instead of the roar of the AC.

Another benefit of opting for a ductless system is that the units operate independently from one another. This feature allows the family to set each room to its own temperature without throwing off the whole system. Now, if mom and dad prefer a cool bedroom to sleep in and the kids like it a little warmer, they don’t have to fight over a central thermostat. Instead, each unit can be set to that person’s comfort by the touch of a button on the remote.

Moreover, the family will have the added comfort of knowing they have a back-up heating system in the winter. If their existing heating unit ever fails, the ductless units that N.E.T.R., Inc. installed can pick up the slack. Each AC unit easily converts into a heating system for optimal heating and cooling throughout the year.

The ductless AC system will also monitor the humidity in the home, which is essential for keeping a lake house in excellent condition. Now, the family will be able to stay comfortable and enjoy their lake house all year long.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

Whether you’re looking for a heating and cooling solution for your summer home, or in need of a little cooling relief for your townhome or condo, N.E.T.R., Inc. has years of experience providing unique solutions for homeowners like you. Contact us today and find out more about how our experts can help you get the relief you deserve without breaking the bank! We’ll even help you save on your energy bills for years to come.

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