Victorian Style Condo Gets Window AC Replacement

In the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, MA, many of the Victorian-style homes that line the streets have been converted into condos that house multiple families. This modern use for antique homes is an excellent way to preserve the beautiful homes while making them more affordable and practical for Boston homeowners.

Victorian condo in Jamaica Plain gets window AC replacement. Unfortunately, living in an old home, like this Victorian-style condo, has its drawbacks. Namely, the lack of air conditioning. These massive homes were built long before air conditioning was available, and with the increasingly hot summers in Boston, this is a problem for many residents.

One of the major problems with installing modern air conditioning is the use of ductwork. Victorian homes were not built to hide ductwork in the walls or ceiling, so adding the ducts for a centralized AC system would require extensive reconstruction of the home.

This problem is why many families resort to using window AC units to cool their condos. However, window ACs come with a slew of inconveniences, as well. This method of cooling a home is known to be inefficient, expensive, and even a security risk to the homeowners. Additionally, the homeowner was tired of all the maintenance and noise that came with owning a window air conditioning system.

With all of this in mind, this condo owner knew they needed an alternative. After doing some research, they decided to N.E.T.R., Inc. and see if a Mitsubishi ductless AC system would work for them.

The Problem: The owner of this Victorian-style condo wanted to replace their window ACs for something more efficient and less expensive.

The Solution:N.E.T.R., Inc. installed a single outdoor heat pump and three Mitsubishi ductless AC units throughout the home to provide optimal airflow for cooling the home.

The Design

Example of a ductless AC installed in Jamaica Plain home. After the homeowner decided to replace their window AC system, they researched alternatives. They knew that a Mitsubishi system would be able to meet their needs, especially after reading tons of customer reviews about their efficiency and reliability. When searching for a contractor to install their new system, N.E.T.R., Inc. seemed the only way to go because of their status as New England’s #1 Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Dealer Contractor.

N.E.T.R., Inc. is proud to maintain this prestigious title, which requires rigorous training of all technicians and strict policies on customer service. Keeping the status of #1 Mitsubishi Electric Elite Diamond Dealer allows N.E.T.R., Inc. to provided extended, 12-year warranties to all customers. Additionally, this homeowner read plenty of reviews about our outstanding customer service that goes above and beyond.

For this project, James Smithell was the project manager. He met with the owner and toured the home so that he could come up with the most efficient system for this project. After seeing the layout, he determined that a single outdoor condenser unit and three indoor ductless wall AC would provide premium comfort for this client.  

The Installation

Mitsubishi ductless AC unit installed in Victorian-style condo. The outdoor condenser unit was installed beside the stairs and tucked under a tree so that it wouldn’t distract from the overall aesthetic of the Victorian home. From this location, the thin tubing that connects the indoor units to the condenser could easily be piped into the walls of the home. The tubing allows the air to flow directly from the outdoor heat pump to the indoor air handlers, which distribute the treated air throughout the home.

Smithell and his team carefully layout the placement of all three indoor units to provide optimal cooling in every room. Instead of requiring bulky ductwork to be installed, the thin tubing runs through the walls like electrical wiring. This design means that only a small hole is cut in the wall behind the AC unit to attach the tubing. Altogether, the project leaves the home almost untouched, so the owner can continue to enjoy the charm of their 1905 home.

The Benefits

Mitsubishi ductless air handler for ductless AC system in Boston. Thanks to Mitsubishi ductless and the team at N.E.T.R., Inc., this homeowner will enjoy a home that is always the perfect temperature for years to come! Each of the three indoor units operates on its own thermostat, so the owner can set each room to the ideal temperature.

For example, if the kitchen gets a little warm in the afternoon sun, the touch of a button allows the Mitsubishi AC to drop the temperature just a couple degrees to take the edge off. Additionally, if the TV room stays perfectly comfortable in the spring and fall, then that unit can be turned off entirely, without affecting the other units in the system.

This Mitsubishi Electric ductless system provides the homeowner with pin-point control over their comfort, and even offers humidity control in every room! The ductless units will automatically monitor the humidity and make corrections when needed to keep the home comfortable.

Additionally, these units double as state-of-the-art heat pumps in the winter. This will allow our homeowner to supplement their existing heating system if any of the room feel a little drafty this winter.

Outdoor condenser in Boston, MA, for Mitsubishi ductless system. Yet another advantage to choosing this ductless air conditioning system is the savings! Not only will this homeowner save money every month on their energy bills, especially after using window ACs, but they qualified for over $2,700 in rebates! The Mass Save and Mass CEC organizations offer rebates for homeowners that make the switch to more efficient systems. Thanks to this project, the family qualified for $400 in rebates from Mass Save and $2,343 from Mass CEC!

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

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