Settlers first came to Danvers in the 1600's and found a wonderful area to live, and people have been building great homes here ever since. Our homeowners have a Cape-style home that needed a better heating and cooling solition.  They don't have any ductwork, so a traditional central heating and air solution wasn't practical. They were tired of sweltering in the summers and relying on noisy window units that were expensive to run, not to mention being a pain to install every Spring, and put away every Fall. The homeowners were looking for a cost-effective solution that would be quiet and efficient, so they wouldn't spend all their time worrying about energy bills! Looking for a contractor, they did their research and settled on the professionals here at NETR because of our outstanding reviews and experience. When we sat down with them, we knew we would be able to design a system for them that would meet all their needs and give them the ability to customize their comfort throughout the home!


Like many homes in New England, this home relied on window units to provide relief from the heat. More and more, homes in our area need cooling throughout the summer, and noisy, inefficient window air conditioning units are simply not a good answer. In addition, many homes like this one rely on radiator heat in the Winter that seems to take forever to get a room to the right comfort level. Both then, what's good for one room doesn't always work well in another, causing frustration for everyone.

We knew we could install a multi-zone system for this home that would allow the homeowners to have just the right amount of heating and cooling in any zone we set up in the house, independent from the others. This means that if Mom & Dad love having their room icy cold, but the kids like it warmer, each person can adjust the temperature in their room to their liking without affecting the temperature in every other area in the home. The multi-zone system we designed for this home will ensure that our homeowners get the comfort they want, where they want, and don't waste money heating and cooling spaces that may not be occupied all the time.  That's smart savings any homeowner can appreciate.

We were able to design a seven-zone Mitsubishi Hyperheat system that would create zones of comfort for areas throughout the home, each controlled independently with a remote control. In order to accomplish this, we essentially divided the home in half, and placed an outdoor Mitsubushi heat pump unit on each side of the home. This meant that we could reach rooms throughout the home while minimizing piping (and expense) while locating the indoor room units just where they needed to be to deliver maximum comfort.



Problem: This great Cape Style home needed cooling throughout,and window units weren't getting the job done. In addition, the homeowners were looking for a year 'round solution that would provide them the heating and cooling they needed, with the flexibility to customize the temperature in different rooms as needed, helping to keep energy costs under control. 

Solution: We installed a seven-zone Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Ductless system with two outdoor units to control heating and cooling throughout the home. Each room /zone is able to be independently heated or cooled as needed, meaning the owners will only need to heat or cool rooms in use. On top of the added efficiency ductless brings, the independent zones will allow them to save even more money in energy costs, while adding pinpoint control over their heating and cooling, allowing each area of the home to maximize comfort as needed.

It's frustrating to go from room to room in a home, when each room seems to have its own climate.

Our homeowners had been relying on radiator heat and window air conditioning units to try to keep their Danvers home comfortable, but different areas of the home always seemed to be too hot or too cold! On top of that, the window air conditioning units were loud, inefficient and expensive to run, really driving up energy costs in the hot weather. By upgrading to the Mitsubishi Hyperheat system with its energy efficient technology that delivers heat down to -13F, the family will save significant money on operating costs throughout the Winter and Summer alike!  The new ductless system will also deliver fantastic cooling just where it's needed all summer long, quietly and efficiently, with no more worries about installing the window units in Spring or taking them down in the Fall- a seasonal chore NOBODY likes.

Now in Spring and Summer, a mere touch of a button will deliver cool air as needed, just where they want it. Maybe it will be to cool off the kitchen after fixing a big family dinner or when having a party, or adding a little more cool air to the master bedroom on hot and humid mights to ensure a good night's sleep. Just as easily, the heat pump can also deliver heat to add additional warmth where you want it, in any of the zones, rather than waiting for a considerable time period before a thermostat nudge finally delivers the comfort you want. Our homeowners are adding significant comfort to their home, and by having multiple zones, each family member can achieve the custom comfort they want, whenever they want- what could be better than that?

In designing a whole home system, we divided the home into two larger sections, to make sure we added just enough piping, but minimized disruption ot the house. On the left side of the home, our outdoor Mitsubishi Hyperheat unit powers the front bedroom, dining room and kitchen. This outdoor unit provides the heating and cooling to these rooms- but each room has its own remote control and can control the temerature in each room or zone independently. That means you can have a toasty warm bedroom while shutting off the heat to the Kitchen during the night in Winter, and keep that kitchen cool while cooking all year round, while not heating or cooling bedrooms not in use!

The right side of the home got another Mitsubishi Hyperheat MXZ unit that powers four indoor units in the Master Bedroom, second floor back room, first floor TV room and first floor painting room. Each of these rooms can also be controlled independently, meaning the painting room will always have the heat- or cooling- it needs along with air circulation, in the heat of the summer or cold in Winter, while the Master bedroom can be controlled separately.  Best of all, these new heat pump units provide comfortable, affordable heat on demand, and are incredibly energy efficient, saving homeowners significant money in operating costs. 


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Our homeowners were so happy with the results, they left us the following review on Yelp:

In the fall, we had 7 Mitsubishi heat and air units installed in our home.  First, Chip who was the consultant, was excellent in providing information, explaining the system and checking to make sure all our questions were answered during the installation.  He also provided the paper work to get rebates on the units.

The installers arrived on time and were extremely careful going through the house wearing protective covers over their shoes.  The first day, 4 workers arrived (Adam, Jose, Steve and Tim) and got right to work.  They came with me through the house to make sure where the units were going and answered all the questions I had.  They worked very hard and all the units were in by day 1.  They were extremely careful with the furniture, walls, and items in each of the rooms and the hardwood floors.  During the next 4 days, Adam and Jose worked diligently to get the work completed on time.  Their work was impeccable.  All of the tubing in the basement and outside work looks so professional.  They are an unbelievable team.  This was a great group of installers.  They are very skilled hard workers.  They were so careful and everything is clean looking and neat inside the house and outside.  They are friendly and courteous.  The heat pumps and AC work terrific.  We have used both.  It’s amazing how quickly the heat and AC provides the heat and air.  I highly recommend N.E.T.R.  Mr. Cappuccio has a staff that deserves an A+ rating.

We are so glad they are happy! There's nothing better for us here at NETR than to hear that the system is working well, and the customers were happy about every aspect of the process. We strive to make sure every aspect of our process from the information on our website to your first call to our office, to interactions with our sales and service people meets or exceeds your expectations.

We love installing Mitsubishi Ductless systems, because they are so energy efficient and save folks money! Because these new systems are so efficient and help out the environment, many homeowners qualify for rebates from the Mass Save and CEC programs. That helps make ductless an even more affordable solution for your home while getting comfort every day of the year, just where you want it. There are still rebates available, so if you are interested in this type of energy efficient equipment, be sure to ask your comfort specialist about what sort of rebates would apply. 

So just to recap the key points of this particular home:

  • The home owners now have a comfortable, quiet solution to heat their whole home, with seven zones that allow pinpoint control of comfort for everyone in all areas of the home.
  • Their energy bills will go down because of the energy efficient technology, but they'll also go down by delivering comfort with heating and air conditioning on demand, avoiding the necessity to heat or cool portions of the house when not needed.
  • Best of All, rebates are frequently available to home owners! That helps make increased comfort affordable up front, as well as providing energy savings every month.Download the Hyper Heat Brochure 



A Great Investment

This kind of installation gives this family the heating or cooling they desire, on demand, room by room. Every person will be able to customize the temperature according to their needs, and also achieve additional cost savings by not heating or cooling rooms when not in use. The house is able to be completely comfortable, at all times.

The warranty on all qualifying systems installed after April 1, 2015 has recently been extended to 12 years, making this a great investment in your home's comfort! Click here to see the details. 

Learn more about Mass Save and CEC rebates.

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