The owners of this gorgeous brownstone home in Boston had a problem. They had an existing Sanyo ductless air conditioning system, but it wasn't working properly. The homeowners really liked the ductless system they had, but wanted to upgrade it and make sure all the areas of the home were comfortable. They also wanted to be able to control the temperature at home remotely through a smart phone if possible.

Boston Brownstone gets modern comfort and control with mitsubishi ductless

When the homeowners gave us a call, we went out and took a look at the existing Sanyo system. It was clear that it had serious problems, and needed to be replaced, but we also knew that we could save the homeowners money by designing a system that would save them money on energy costs as well as installation.

Problem: Existing Sanyo ductless system wasn't working, and needed to be replaced. The owners were looking to upgrade the comfort in their home and have the ability to control the system remotely.

Solution: We were able to upgrade their current system with a single Mitsubishi Outdoor condenser and five indoor zones of comfort, along with a Kumo Cloud interface, allowing all the units to be controlled remotely through a smart phone app. This means the homeowners will get the comfort they need and can monitor their home from anywhere, while reaping savings from energy efficiency, a Mass Save Rebate, and ability to control every zone, even when they're not home.

When we looked at the existing system, we knew it needed to be replaced, but instead of two outdoor condensers, we could use a single Mitsubishi condenser to run five separate zones of comfort throughout the home. Mitsubishi's ductless systems are designed to be expandable anMitsiibshi ductless rooftop condensor leaves Boston Brownstone in perfect comfortd to be able to run multiple zones of comfort through one condenser, helping with efficiency and energy savings. We installed separate indoor cassettes for the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and two additional bedrooms, allowing everyone in the home to get the comfort they want, wherever they are in the home. We were also able to install the condenser on the roof, ensuring it was accessible if need be, but also out of the way, so the homeowners could still enjoy the views from their rooftop patio!

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The other addition that made a new Mitsubishi's ductless system such a great choice for a Boston brownstone like this one is the ability to add a Kumo Cloud wi-fi interface for the units, so each individual cassette and zone throughout the home can easily be controlled from a smart phone app! This lets you bump up the heat before you get out of bed on a cold, frosty fall day for your bedroom and kitchen, and also turn down the heat after you leave for all the rooms, especially the bedrooms when not in use. Likewise, you can make sure the air conditioning in the summer is at an energy-saving level when you're at work, or even on vacation, and adjust it to your perfect comfort level right before you come home, making sure you are always perfectly comfortable, no matter where you are!

mitsubishi ductless gives this Boston brownstone living room year round comfortAs you can see, the wall units fit up and out of the way on the walls. The units can act as heaters and air conditioners, and monitor the temperature and humidity throughout the space. They are able to distribute the air evenly throughout, avoiding the hot and cold spots you might find with baseboard heating or window air conditioners, making ductless  great option for Brownstones in Boston and throughout New England!

By adjusting the zoBoston Brownstone diningroom gets ductless comfortnes individually, homeowners can save a ton of money on energy bills. In addition, because ductless is such an efficient heating and cooling system, the homeowners qualified for a $250 Mass Save rebate, helping them save money while they upgraded their system to a better grade of ductless. Mitsubishi Ductless provides quiet comfort throughout the year, and works efficiently as a heat pump all the way down to -13 F degrees-something we don;t see here in Boston! They also deliver best in class air conditioning, making sure our homeowners will be able to come home to perfect comfort, no matter what time of year.

Best of all, since NETR is an elite Diamond contractor with Mitsubishi, we can offer an extended 12 year warranty, making sure the owners will get peace of mind on the reliability of their new system for years to come. we're so happy we were able to provide modern comfort and the convenience of wi-fi cloud control to our customers, making their historic brownstone home as comfortable as any new home built, and they will have reliable, efficient comfort for years to come.