It's frustrating to be too hot or too cold and not be able to adjust the temperature around you. When it's too hot, you can get sleepy and sluggish. When it's too cold, people get just as irritable, and "Put on a sweater", as my Grandma used to say, doesn't make those cold noses and toes any more comfortable.

Boston Condo gets custom comfort with mitsubishi ductless

The owners of a condo in this beautiful building in Boston weren't as comfortable as they wanted to be.  Whenever the heat was on in their unit, it got too hot, and there never seemed to be a happy medium. They gave us a call at NETR to see what we could do to deliver them the comfort they craved.

Problem: The homeowners were getting way too hot when the heat came on in their modern condominium, and they just could't control the problem.

Solution: A single zone of ductless will provide them with the perfect heating and cooling they need- adjustable to their preferences at the touch of a button!

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At NETR, we install a lot of ductless heating and air conditioning for customers throughout Boston. Why? Because it's a flexible solution to heating and cooling problems- it can work in homes without ductwork, but also with homes with ductwork. There are wall-mounted units, and floor units available, so you can get the solution that best fits your home, whether it's a 100 years old, or practically brand new like this one.

Mitsubishi ductless offers flexible options for installationFor this condo, the homeowners were just getting way too hot whenever the heat came on, and wanted to have more control over the temperature and their comfort. We knew that a single zone of Mitsubishi ductless heating and air conditioning would do the job well. Mitsubishi ductless systems are controlled by a simple remote control, and you can adjust the temperature as needed- to heat or air conditioning, on demand. The indoor units will also monitor the humidity and temperature throughout a space, and distribute the air evenly, making sure there aren't any hot or cold spots, like you get with regular window air conditioners or baseboard heaters.

They had a great balcony overlooking Boston where we could install the outdoor heat pump unit and then run the necessary lines right inside.  The homeowners chose one of Mitsubishi's low-wall/floor units, which worked much better with their decor and looks like a typical heating and cooling unit you might see in a hotel room. The outdoor heat pump sits out of the way, still allowing them to enjoy their balcony patio, and increased comfort inside!Boston condo ductless systems can be installed even on balconies!

Mitsubishi's Hyper Heat systems work with inverter technology, allowing them to provide great heat when it's even -13F outside, as well as efficient air conditioning in warmer weather. And because these systems are so efficient, they qualify for rebates from the State. This homeowner qualified for a Mass Save Rebate of $500, to help make getting additional comfort and control even more affordable.

Best of all, the homeowners got the ability to just add a little heat on those cool Fall nights or early mornings, without having the whole unit feel like a sweat box. They can add just a touch of cooling on a warm Spring day without turning the whole unit into an icebox. And that level of control and quiet comfort will help them sleep better every day of the year.

If you're like these homeowners in Boston and want more comfort and control in your own home, give us a call here at NETR. We can design the perfect system for you to give you the heating and cooling you need, all while saving you money on energy bills with amazingly efficient systems.