Boston is filled with classic homes, and we're also home to world class universities on the cutting edge of technology. So it was no surprise when our homeowner in Boston's North End wanted to make sure he could control his heating and cooling system remotely, by an app on his smartphone. The homeowner has an older, forced air heat pump system that was due to be replaced, and they were searching for a solution that offered maximum comfort along with the convenience of remote operation.

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Problem: The existing forced air heat pump system was at the end of its lifecycle, and the homeowner wanted to make sure his new system maximized comfort and convenience and allowed him to control the system remotely from a smart phone. 

Solution: A four zone Mitsubishi ductless split system powered by one outdoor condenser and four wall-mounted heads maximized comfort while a Kumo Cloud controller allowed remote operation from anywhere from a smartphone or computer.

A Good Investment

Mitsubishi's Hyper Heat system is one of the most efficient systems available, and due to it's energy efficiency, our homeowner was able to qualify for rebates of $2,600 through the Mass Save program and also paid for the installation with a 0% interest Mass Save loan.  This made this long-term upgrade in comfort and efficiency affordable as well as smart.

This condo in the North End will have maximum comfort, with four zones that can operate independently, which should alone decrease our homeowner's monthly energy bills. By choosing some of the best heating and air conditioning technology available to the residential market with an unprecedented 12 year warranty, they will be worry-free for many years to come, while having pinpoint control over their comfort, whether they are at home, or when they use the Kumo Cloud controller remotely. 

The warranty on all qualifying systems installed after April 1, 2015 has recently been extended to 12 years! Click here to see the details. 

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Living in an older home doesn't forego modern solutions to comfort!

We were able to upgrade the old heatpump with Mitsubishi's Hyperheat system- effective in the winter down to -13F degrees, and it provides world-class, quiet cooling in the hot and humid city summers. We were able to install four wall mounted units fto ensure comfort throughout the home, with only one heat pump unit needed located on the roof- secure and out of the way. 

In addition, it was important to our homeowner that they could control the units remotely, as many newer systems do. By installing the Kumo Cloud controllers for the units, the homeowner can now control the climate in his home, no matter where they are on the planet!  Forget to adjust the thermostat before you leave for a weekend on the Cape? No problem- just bring up the app and the Kumo controllers will adjust the temperature easily. Need a little extra comfort on a really hot day for your dog or cat? Easy as pie- you can monitor how warm or cold your home is from the app and adjust it as needed when Mother Nature serves up a surprise hot or cold snap. Likewise, they can adjust the temperature up or down before they get home from work, making sure they always come home to a super comfortable home, without spending extra money to heat or cool spaces when they aren't there.

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