Somerville Home Gets A Comfortable Attic With DuctlessHomes like this one in Somerville that was built in the 1800's were constructed long before central air conditioning was a dream, let alone an issue for most people in the area. Our homeowners were making the most of the space in their home, and wanted to make sure the attic space was as comfortable as the rest of the house.

Attic spaces are notoriously hard to heat and cool. In the summer, the attic is warmer and more uncomfortable than the rest of the home, and even in the winter, when you might expect the attic to be warm because hot air rises, the truth is because it is so close to the roof, attic spaces tend to be cold and uncomfortable for most of the winter. (I had an attic bedroom growing up, and the pile of blankets on the bed made it hard to move!)

When the homeowner called us looking for a cost-effective and energy efficient solution for their problem, we knew exactly what was needed.

Problem: The owners of this home built in the 1800's had no heat or air conditioning for the third floor attic space, which was always too hot or too cold for comfort.

Solution: By adding two Mitsubishi ductless units, the third floor attic is now a great oasis in the home that everyone can enjoy!

Somerville attic uses ductless to beat the summer heat and winter chillsMitsubishi ductless is a great solution for older homes like this one, because it allows you to add a zone of heating and air conditioning into the areas you need it most, solving those hot spot/cold spot issues many homes have.  It doesn't require constructing any ductwork, so it has minimal impact on the beauty and architectural features people love about older homes, but also delivers modern comfort that we all crave, especially when Mother Nature is dishing up her worst outside.

Ductless works by using an outdoor heat pump condenser unit attached to indoor wall-mounted units that distribute air throughout a room quietly, while constantly monitoring the room for temperature and humidity. You can set the temperature and comfort level by a convenient, hand held remote, or you can add a wall thermostat if you wish- there are even cloud-enabled controllers as add-ons to make control of the system as easy as possible! Once you set your comfort level, the units use an incredibly efficient inverter technology that helps keep the comfort level steady, using as little energy as possible to do so.

Somerville room in attic gets maximum comfort year round with Mitsubishi ductlessOur homeowners opted for two Mitsubishi ductless units to keep the rooms on the third floor attic space comfortable. By choosing such a great, energy-efficient option, adding this additional comfort will save money on energy bills all year long, especially when compared to using the inefficient, noisy window units they had been relying on in the past. This solution is so energy-efficient, the homeowners qualified for energy-saving rebates through both the Mass Save and MASS CEC programs. They got a Mass Save rebate of $200 and qualified for a Mass CEC rebate of $1,302, bringing a total savings of $1,502 that helped this upgrade in comfort to be even more affordable.

Mitsubishi ductless even looks great on the outside of thei Somerville home!Mitsubishi ductless systems are great because they work both as heating and cooling systems through one unit. This means that when the air is frosty outside, the homeowners can have that touch of warmth they want on the third floor, without having to crank up the heat for the whole house to make the attic barely comfortable. Likewise, when it starts to get hot out, the homeowners can add the amount of coolness they desire, right where they want it, and have it remain cool throughout the third floor. The whisper-quiet operation will make this third floor space one of the most popular in the house, with its custom comfort, adjustable as needed.  The units can even be turned off if the space isn't being used, saving additional money on energy bills!

In the end, NETR was able to deliver an efficient and cost-effective solution to make this Somerville attic one of the best spaces in the home. If you have a space in your home that never seems to be quite comfortable, give us a call here at NETR and we'll find a comfort solution that's right for you.