Somerville single family gets cost effective comfort with Mitsubishi ductless

This single family home in Somerville had a problem. They were using electric baseboards for heat, but in a home as big as this one, the heat wasn't evenly distributed through the house and they were spending a fortune in the Winter trying to keep the home comfortable. They were looking into alternate solutions, and started reading about heat pumps. They gave us a call here at NETR based on our outstanding online reviews. When we sat down with them to discuss their home and the current problems, we knew Mitsubishi Ductless would be a great solution to deliver them the comfort they wanted, right where they needed it, while saving money each month on electric bills in the process.

Problem: The homeowners were heating their home with electric and they were looking for a energy-efficient and cost-saving alternative that would give them the comfort they wanted, in their homes and their wallets.

Solution: Three zones of Mitsubishi Hyper Heat ductless heating (and cooling) will keep this home comfortable every day of the year, while keeping energy bills low.

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The homeowners sat down with our experts and we determined that three zones of ductless heating and cooling would bring needed comfort to the second floor TV room, second floor back bedroom and third floor front bedroom. These rooms were the ones that suffered the most in the Winter from becoming just too chilly to be comfortable, and also got hot and sticky in the summer, enough to leave any homeowner hot under the collar.

Somerville Bedroom gets perfect comfort with Mitsubishi ductless

Mitsubishi has outstanding product reviews for its Hyper Heat heat pump system for good reason. It uses Inverter technology to maximize the amount of heat it pulls out of the air, all the way down to temperatures of -13F degrees! Its efficiency allows it to use far less energy that traditional baseboard heating, costing much less to operate on a monthly basis, lowering heating bills. 

Best of all, ductless heat pump systems can also "reverse" the process and work as air conditioning in hot months, controlling humidity and delivering quiet comfort throughout a space, where window air conditioners might otherwise strain to meet demands. This means by installing these units in your home, you can get both heating and cooling comfort just where you need it, and do so while making your monthly bills much lower, paying you back over time.

These units are so energy efficient, Massachusetts has two programs- Mass Save and Mass CEC that offer rebates for homeowners upgrading their heating and cooling systems to more energy -- efficient technology. These homeowners were able to qualify for a Mass Save rebate of $200 and a Mass CEC rebate of $1,490, for a total of $1,690 to help defray the cost of this upgrade!Somerville TV room gets year-round comfort with Ductless from NETR

By choosing to install three zones of comfort, the homeowners will be able to save money by being able to heat and cool different rooms independently. This means if one person loves the room cozy warm, while another like to sleep in a cooler room, there's no fighting over the central thermostat -- each room can be adjusted to the temperature that person wants, without affecting every room in the house.  And this also means the units can be set at a minimum temperature while you're not home, ensuring you're not wasting money heating and cooling rooms not in use.  The when you want more heat, all you have to do is adjust the unit with the touch of a button -- and within minutes, you'll be getting the comfort you crave, with heat being evenly distributed- and monitored by the unit- throughout the room, eliminating those hot and cold spots.

Somerville MA Mitsuibishi ductless installed by NETR

By choosing NETR and Mitsubishi ductless Hyper Heat heat pump system, our homeowners got the cost-effective additional heat they craved, by adding state-of-the-art technology that will deliver efficient heating and cooling on demand, through a remote control, right where they want it most. And later on, they can even add a Kumo Cloud controller, which allows the units to be controlled by an app on your phone, letting you monitor and adjust the heating and cooling in your home from anywhere you are -- across town, or across the Country!

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Just imagine being able to wake up on a chilly morning, and instead of having to stand near a baseboard to keep your toes warm while getting dressed, the whole room is perfectly comfortable. And right before bed, you no longer have to worry about whether the sheets are going to be too cold- the whole room is just the way you like it, and there's no more shivering as you go to sleep. Cuddling with your spouse will be about affection, rather than just stealing their body warmth! That's the pleasure of perfect comfort Mitsubishi ductless heat pump systems can deliver for your home, just like they did for this home in Somerville.

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