Somerville multifamily gets multiple zones of ductless comfortThere are many homes in Somerville like this one- homes that have become multi-family homes over time, and each of these "condo" like units have their own individual heating and cooling needs.  The top units can be really hot, especially in the summer, and sometimes, window air conditioners no longer do the job, as was the case for the family that called NETR, looking for a better and more cost-effective solution for their comfort when the weather got hot and sticky.

When they called us, we knew from our experience with similar homes in the area that a ductless system could provide them with the comfort they craved, but also deliver that comfort with quiet efficiency, making sure they could sleep easy at night, knowing their energy bills wouldn't cause a headache.

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Problem: The family was using window air conditioners to try to keep their kitchen, family room and master bedroom comfortable, but they were noisy, expensive to run, and didn't always "keep up" on really hot days, leaving the family hot under the collar with expensive energy bills.

Solution: A three-zone Mitsubishi ductless system provided them with quiet comfort throughout, with increased efficiency and lowered energy bills. The family got a permanent solution that let them be comfortable all year long, while also saving  them from trying to time the installation/putting away of window units properly every year!

There's nothing more annoying that coming home after a long day, and the house is just a little too hot to be comfortable. People tend to be grumpier in the heat, and sticking to the wooden chairs in the kitchen while eating dinner doesn't help moods at all. Add in trying to go to sleep to the drone of a loud window air conditioner, and waking up hot and sweaty in the morning because it just isn't distributing the cool air around the room, and you end up with a situation that is begging for a better solution.Somerville kitchen gets perfect comfort with mitsubishi ductless air conditioning!

When the owners of a unit in this multi-family home in Somerville called us to see what we would recommend, we knew a three zoned Mitsubishi ductless system would work perfectly for them. By putting units in the kitchen, family room and master bedroom, the owners would get the comfort they craved, just where they needed it most.  As you can see from the picture, we were able to install the units on the wall- and the kitchen unit went right above the window, taking up about as much room as the soffits. This meant that the unit was conveniently out of the way- and would distribute cool air throughout the room, making family dinner much more comfortable, no matter whose turn it was to do the dishes afterwards!

The additional zones of cooling in the family room and master meant the family could adjust the temperature to their perfect comfort, wherever they were, and not waste money cooling rooms where they weren't spending their time. At night, the master could be perfectly comfortable, ensuring a great night's sleep, without wasting extra money cooling the family room and kitchen when no one was there. The units are operated by a remote control and monitor the temperature and humidity in a room, ensuring maximum comfort throughout- not just in the little area next to the window ac unit.

This permanent solution not only provides state of the art comfort, but its efficiency means lower energy costs to operate as well. The twelve year warranty also means longevity- far beyond what is expected from window units- and they no longer have to spend a weekend in the Spring and weekend in the fall to install or put away those heavy, loud window units. This solution gives the family their windows back for half the year, bringing more light into the rooms and making their whole home seem more inviting as well as more comfortable.

Best of all, the energy-efficiency of Mitsubishi ductless helped this family qualify for a $250 rebate through the Mass Save program, helping make this solution to their comfort problems even more affordable. Now between the extra comfort throughout their home, lower energy bills and the extra time they've gained by no longer having to wrestle with window units, this family is guaranteed many years of perfect, quiet comfort. Their home will be the peaceful refuge we all want, with the comfort we crave, no matter how hot and humid it gets. That's a combination that will pay off for years to come.

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