The owners of a third floor condo in this lovely converted Victorian had a problem. Besides the usual challenge of keeping a third floor condo cool, the kitchen was just way too hot and uncomfortable.

That's an even bigger problem when you like to cook, and when you find yourself making excuses not to cook because the otherwise lovely kitchen becomes a sauna when you're getting dinner ready. Window air conditioners just didn't circulate the air sufficiently, and the homeowners knew there had to be a better way. They wanted to make sure they got an energy-efficient solution so it wouldn't be expensive to run, and they wanted it to be cost-effective.  After doing their research, they gave us a call to see if we could design a system that would meet their needs without breaking the bank.

Somerville condo in a converted victoria gets a comfortable kitchen with ductless

Problem: The owners of a third floor condo in a converted Victorian home needed additional cooling comfort in their kitchen. They wanted a cost-effective solution that wouldn't break the bank to install or in monthly energy bills.

Solution: A single zone ductless system will make sure this third floor condo is perfectly comfortable, and the phrase "If's it's too hot, get out of the kitchen" will never be a problem again!

When we sat down with the homeowners, we knew that Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning would be a great solution. Unlike window units, ductless uses heat pump technology to remove the warm air from the room, leaving cold air in its place.  It distributes the air evenly throughout the room and monitors the temperature, turning on and off when needed.  It also helps monitor humidity levels, which can be especially important when you're cooking a big meal and don't want to  sit down at the table and stick to the furniture due to excess humidity. The wall units can be put up out of the way, like you see in the picture, above the cupboards in the kitchen.  This means the family won't lose any light from their windows by relying on a window unit, and instead will be able to enjoy their kitchen, whether they're cooking or sitting down to a great meal.

Somerville kitchen gets cocool comfort with mitsubhishi ductless air conditioning

 A permanent solution like Mitsubishi ductless offers long term cost savings as well. Not only did our owners qualify for a Mass Save rebate of $300 to help make the installation of this energy efficient system more affordable, they'll also be spending less on monthly energy bills every month.  

Compared to standard window units, ductless mini-splits deliver greater efficiency -- meaning it can cool a larger area of space using less energy (not to mention never having to worry about insulating around a window unit!). It also is very quiet -- so quiet we've even have customers install them in their recording studios!

The homeowners will be able to talk to each other over dinner without trying to be heard over the drone of the old window units, bringing added peace and quiet into their lives as well.

Best of all, our homeowners will never have to deal with installing and then

Ductless takes up very little space outdoors in Somerville, MAstoring a window AC unit again. If you've ever had to struggle with trying to figure out the perfect time to install a window AC unit, and then when to put it away for Winter, only to face a unexpected heat wave in late September that leaves you hot and sweaty under the collar, you can imagine the peace of mind a permanent solution like Mitsubishi ductless can bring.  Now with the touch of a remote control, the owners of this third floor condo will get the comfort they need at the touch of a button and not worry about the energy bills breaking the bank. And because ductless can also work as a heater, the owners can add just a touch of heat whenever they want, making cold winter mornings all the more enjoyable when you fix coffee in a cozy kitchen instead of freezing your feet on a cold floor.

We were so happy to be able to help these homeowners find the perfect solution for year-round comfort in their third-floor condo in Somerville.

Contact us here to find out how we can make your home perfectly comfortable with Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-splits, and help you save money and decrease your energy bills at the same time.

You'll not only love the comfort, but with a 12 years parts and labor warranty, you'll enjoy peace of mind for many years to come.Schedule a Conversation