Homeowner’s Guide to Installing a Wall-Mounted Ductless Air Conditioner

The advantages of ductless heating and cooling are clear, and if you’ve decided that you want a ductless AC, you may be wondering how it’s going to be installed. So that you know what to expect, we’ve put together this guide to installing wall-mounted ductless ACs. It outlines the installation process. Then, it answers several FAQs about wall-mounted AC installation.

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Homeowner's Guide to Installing a Wall-Mounted Ductless AC

Overview of the Installation Process for Wall-Mounted ACs

A wall-mounted AC is an indoor unit that connects to an outdoor compressor. The installer will mount the unit to the studs on a wall inside your home. Then, they will run wires and piping from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

If possible, they will install the AC on an exterior wall. This makes it easier to run the lines to the outdoor unit. However, if an interior wall is better suited for the AC, the installer will run the lines through the wall cavities to an outer wall or out of the attic.

The lines connecting the units include electrical wires, refrigerant lines, and tubing for condensation. These lines are very small, and the installer will make a very discrete hole for the lines to exit your home. Then, the installer will cover the lines with line hide so they are not visible. In some cases, the installer will run the lines along the corner of your home or next to a gutter so they are even less visible.

Generally, the outdoor compressor goes in the back of your home on a small concrete pad. However, depending on the situation, it may be mounted to the side of the home or even placed on the roof. The installer will identify the ideal spot during the planning process. They will let you know if any prep work such as pouring concrete is necessary.

FAQs About Wall-Mounted AC Installation

People tend to have a lot of questions about the installation process and about best practices. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Where should you place a wall-mounted AC?

A wall-mounted AC should be in an unobstructed area near the center of your room. The ideal location varies based on the area you are trying to cool. You also need to consider temperature fluctuations and the aesthetics of the room.

What height is right for a wall-mounted AC?

Generally, wall-mounted ACs should be about seven feet off the floor, but again, the optimal height varies based on your home and your comfort objectives. At a minimum, you need at least an inch between the unit and the ceiling and two inches between the unit and the side walls.

Can you place a wall-mounted AC near the floor?

If you have half-walls or if you simply want your AC closer to the floor, you need to opt for a floor-mounted AC. Although they are called floor-mounted units, they don’t mount to the floor. They actually mount to the lower part of the wall. They’re designed to optimize airflow in this location.

Can you install your own wall-mounted AC unit?

Ductless mini splits look easy to install when you read through the basics, but DIY installation is extremely error-prone. To ensure you select the right size of AC and that it gets installed correctly, you should work with a professional. It’s also important to note that DIY installation voids most warranties.

Can you mount a window-AC to the wall?

No, window ACs are not designed to go through walls. There are wall-mounted ACs that work like window units. They are self-contained like a window unit, and they don’t require an outdoor compressor like a ductless AC.

These units are much less expensive than ductless ACs, but unfortunately, they are noisy and inefficient. They can also cause a lot of damage to your walls. These types of units don’t have an effective way to drain condensation. As a result, condensation builds up in your walls, and when many homeowners remove their old wall ACs, they discover extensive water damage.

Get Help With Installing a Wall-Mounted AC

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